The Most Attractive Places In Morocco

The Most Attractive Places In Morocco
The Most Attractive Places In Morocco

Morocco is a land, which invites you to enjoy delightful and happy holidays, a land where nature proudly exhibits its beauty, and where the people meet you know how to greet and honor their guests.

Gently touched by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and a short distance from Europe through the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco offers a rich diversity of landscapes.

Here you will gaze at snow-capped mountains, empty deserts, and coastal plains that stretch to the horizon.

Each city is a facet of an incredibly different and unique culture: Fez typically Arab, Marrakesh completely Berber, Casablanca with European and Tangier plainly cosmopolitan. 

The scenic beauty of Morocco and the pleasant weather make it ideal for holiday homes, retirement homes, or as an appreciating property investment.

Now very attractive investment option is a property in Morocco as prices of some coastal properties on the Atlantic Coast and Mediterranean Coast have doubled over the last year and are still rising.

Morocco is currently supplying a demand for fresh investments within a fast-growing market. Conservative estimates of 15% growth per annum for the next 5 years and double-digit yields are really possible.

Beaches of Tetouan

If you are planning on spending some time in northern Morocco, the beaches of Tetouan are a great place to begin.

The easy-going atmosphere of Tetouan will give you some time to escape, to lounge, and to relax.

So, if you only have a few days and are entering Morocco through Tangier, Ceuta, or even Melilla, you might consider making Tetouan a definite stopover to absorb the sun and culture, and perhaps sit back and sip some mint tea in the towns lively plaza.

Moreover, the Playa Vista near Tetouan is the most talked-about property development yet in Morocco. It sits in a breathtaking location.

This is a picturesque city offering Tetouan property situated among pomegranate, orange, and cypress trees. With one of the oldest old towns in Morocco where local traders sell traditional crafts in the intertwined streets with its marble fountains, the royal palace, and orange groves.


Another interesting place in Morocco is Tangier, it is beautiful, combining many of the best attributes of other Moroccan cities: it has the rolling hills of Fez, which give most houses stunning views; it has the blue and white color palate of Essaouira.

In addition to the Ocean and Sea; and it has a small but interesting medina. In addition, it has much more varied architecture, with a variety of European influences.

Tangiers is a city in the north of Morocco near the Straits of Gibraltar. It has a rich cultural heritage and is a city full of life.

A center of intrigue in the late 19th until the middle of the 20th century, to inspiration and setting for writers and artists from Matisse, William Borroughs to Paulo Coelho, Tangier property is now hotspot with exceptional developments located nearby on the Mediterranean coast, in Smir and Moroccan Golf Property located in Cabo Negro.


After visiting such a beautiful country as Morocco, you will understand why Morocco has become one of the major holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, an exotic location with extraordinary natural and cultural wealth.