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The Places That Can Be Used If You Are A Bmxer

If you are a BMXer then there are lots of places which you can use for riding your BMX. Therefore these types of rides have got their names after the places where they take place. These are:

a) Street: When BMX riders use streets then it is known as street-riding. Here the riders made ramps with banks, walls, rails, gaps, etc. Most riders love to ride in streets because this type of riding is free from all the constraints that are found in other riding places, therefore they can be creative during riding.

It also allows a huge number of people to come and join in this type of riding. Youll find most professional BMXers are street riders. However, they get paid less because their exposure is only in front of a niche audience.

b) Parks: Like skateboarders BMXers also use parks for their use. These can be made of wood or concrete, or metal.

However, serious riders prefer wood and concrete to metal because it has less traction. Wood parks helps in riders enjoying technical tricks while concrete parks are more suited for bikers having fast and flowing style but some riders merge both styles in either type of park.

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Concrete parks are built outdoors and are maintained by public funds whereas commercial skateparks are made of wood because of ease of construction, cost, and availability of materials.

c) Vert: A vert has two-quarter pipes set facing each other which are around 10-13 feet tall. This ramp has a section which is vertical from which this riding place got its name.

Riders jump from each face of the ramp and perform tricks. Since it is quite dangerous therefore very few riders perform in a vert.

d) Trails: It is also referred to as dirt jumping. In a trail the jumps are made of dirt which is compact mud. All the jumps have a steep take off known as lip and a slightly less steep landing. Both the lips and landing are made of separate mounds divided by a gap.

Trail riders have the freedom of creating their own jumps and strive for fluidity and smoothness. The riders who ride in trails generally become park or vert riders since it is tougher to master tricks and riding styles in trails than in a park or vert.

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e) Flatland: Generally flatland has a different position in BMX riding. The riders who ride in streets, verts, parks, or trails usually take part in other disciplines. But those who are proficient in riding flatland prefer to only ride this ramp. In flatland, the terrain is a smooth flat surface.

The riders perform the tricks of spinning and balancing on the bike in different positions. Riders in flatland biking always use knurled aluminum pegs to stand on to manipulate the bike into various positions.

The bikes used in flatland have a shorter wheelbase than others and thus it is easier to spin or position the bike in one wheel. 

Riders who once ride in flatland, love to ride the only flatland because of the decreased stability of using a shorter bike on any other riding place.

So, if you are BMXer decide which of these places you prefer for riding and enjoy riding.

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