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The Set Back Of Surgery In Back Pain

Recently disc replacement surgery has been systematically proposed as a solution to eliminating the pain caused by symptomatic lumbar disc ailments.

A review published after research was carried out, stated that surgery should only be used in emergency cases and that patients with lumbar back problems could obtain very good results with appropriate exercising and anti-inflammatory treatment.

In fact, in 90 percent of these cases, back pain disappears within three months and at the end of six weeks, the patients have greatly improved.

In addition only 50 to 60 percent of patients, who turn to surgical fusion for symptomatic lumbar disc disease, recover completely.

There are also more serious side effects to this solution, for the exposure to radiation rays can be damaging, especially to women, in particular to the ovaries.

The most effective treatment for lower back pain is regular and specific exercise, which reinforces the back muscles in the specific area the pain is, in conjunction with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Magnetic resonance can also be considered as a treatment for back pain, although it can be rather costly and there is no proof that it is at all effective.

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