Tips To Stay Healthy And Happy After Retirement


So all your life you have dreamt of this day when you will retire from your job as well as from an array of responsibilities.

You have always fantasized about what you will do, what books you will read, the places you will go, the courses of golf you will play, the tones of fish you will catch, and so on.

You are not alone, for the majority of the Americans, retired life means freedom and more freedom.

But unfortunately for most of these people, retirement days end up into gross disillusionment. First two to three months in their retirement and they are faced with reality.

It suddenly occurs to them how hollow and meaningless their lives are and it is then they seek for some purpose for going on in life.

There must be some focused activity; you just can not spend the rest of your life playing Chess or surfing the internet.

That is why it is necessary to contemplate the inevitable beforehand. On retirement you will be flooded with all those hours that you used to spend at your workplace.

So you have to make a constructive plan beforehand how to spend those long hours meaningfully.

Retirement is nothing other than a change in lifestyle and like any changes– no mater how positive it is — entails some sort of stress.

Among many other things, financial matters are something that haunts you most. In addition to that people miss their work environment terribly, they are concerned over their deteriorating health and often suffer from the trauma of the loss of identity.

Well a little planning can change everything. Start your planning right now and you will never experience these stresses or depressions in your retired life.

Retirement planning will prepare you for taking up the journey to the next phase of your life with grace and confidence.

The transition phase is all-important. Retirement brings about some lifestyle changes that is hard to accept, yet we have to accept them.

As for the financial aspect, you have to take care of retirement funds right at the age of mid-thirties.

After retirement, assess the means and sort out a budget. Take into consideration the future health care costs. When you cut your coat, according to your cloth, you will suffer from lesser stress.

Majority of the Americans want to take a part time job in his area of expertise after retirement. It is an excellent idea to easing the transition phase.

That way you will be remained engaged, at the same time there will be lesser loads on you so that you can concentrate on some other areas of hobby other than the professional works.

Psychological impact of retirement is much bigger than you have ever imagined. Remember, the women can better cope with a retirement blue, as profession is not all for them.

They have house works and children to mind, and when a lady takes retirement from work, she swiftly assumes the role of a homemaker and keeps herself busy in household chores.

On the contrary, men are more emotionally involved with their life in the outer world, especially in their workplace.

As they are suddenly cut off from this world they are so familiar with, they cannot identify themselves with any valid role either in society or in the family.

The solution is to get engaged in something that you find a real interest in. Take a dive deep down inside your heart, you will definitely find out some clue of meaningful involvement.

It may be some sort of childhood hobby that you never got the opportunity to pursue. For instance, one of my uncles wanted to be a painter, but due to the pressure from the family, he became an engineer.

But he rediscovered his passion only when he took retirement and ended up becoming an acclaimed artist in his seventies.

So you can see, it is never late to start all over again. It only makes your retired life more colorful and devoid of any psychological distress.

Taking care of your physical health is as important as minding your body. Health and vitality are keys to a wonderful and enjoyable retired life.

So be serious about doing some kind of physical exercise every day. Walk, jog, run do whatever you like most.

The best option is to join a health club, where professional advice will help you to stay in perfect shape and health.

Finally, be a gardener. If you do not have a garden or lawn, go for indoor plants. Tending and caring for plants is a great way of relieving stress.

These green living beings will add a new meaning to your living. As you watch your saplings growing up day by day, you will feel a renewed vigor of life in your veins.