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Using Music For Peace Of Mind And Stress Reduction; 10 Ways To Achieve It

There is no doubt that music can easily engender a wealth of emotions and responses.  As an example, if you listen to a particular kind of music when you are working, it may even change how you respond to co-workers. 

Irregardless of whether the rhythms of the music or the words create behavioral changes, using music for relaxation is a powerful tool. 

Here are several ways of using music to achieve welcoming relief, whether you’re over-stressed, suffering any kind of grief or just need relaxation.

  1. Meditate with music

In particular, if you can begin entraining yourself to relax to certain kinds of music when you are calm, it will be easier to regain this state when stressful events happen.

Unfortunately, many people facing debt and other forms of the financial crisis are increasingly relying on anti-anxiety medications. 

While meditating with music may not work for everyone, it can at least mitigate the impact of each stressful event. 

As the economy continues to spiral into a depression, there is no doubt that each person will need all the mental bolstering they can get.

  • Play relax melodies

Aside from acting as a damper during times of stress; relaxing music can also help you save mental wear and tear during calmer moments.  Relax melodies are specifically designed to provide the most efficient, relaxing feelings, and reduce stress.

In some cases, you may even find that being relaxed will reduce the number of stressful altercations in your life.  This, in turn, will make it a little bit easier to deal with problems that are beyond your direct control.

Irregardless of the type of music you listen to, it is important to find one that will help you feel relaxed without being overly stimulated. 

As an example, if you normally listen to music from the Big Band Era, it may be better to relax with classical jazz or harp music.  Alternatively, if you are a fan of rock and roll, it may be best to look for karaoke versions of less lively songs.

  • Use natural sounds for outward attention

On the other hand, you may also want to choose music that is completely different from your normal preferences. 

It may even be of some help to listen to recordings of natural sounds. These may include the sounds of the oceans as well as rain forest animals. The sound of nature connects the mind to the outward-directed attention.

Chances are, you can also find a number of natural sounds that are recorded in tandem with everything from guitars to pianos. Even if you are not currently dealing with stressful circumstances, it is wise to prepare for the eventuality. 

In particular, you can start meditating with relaxing music in order to instill a habit of calmness. While this will not cure any problems that arise in your life, it may help you manage each issue with a minimum of disturbing emotions. 

At the same time, you are also likely to benefit from having a little bit of time each day that is simply dedicated to yourself and your own wellness.

  • Listen to songs you really enjoy

Music is only a noise when you’re not enjoying it, and will definitely not provide a relaxing moment or stress relief. Therefore, the best music you can listen to is one you actually enjoy, so as to help you relax.

Life would have been a mistake without music, according to Friedrich Nietzche. That is why you should playing the music you enjoy remains a way to rid stress and better your life.

Music is a gateway to finding inspiration, and when you’re inspired, motivation sets in and helps you get through everything no matter how bad the situation must have tormented your peace of mind.

  • Music before bed

Play calming peaceful meditation music before bedtime, and leave it on as you drift off to make you sleep well and relieve all kinds of stress.

Listening to music at bedtime is a way of counteracting stress effects. It releases melatonin into the brain reinforces various circadian rhythms in the body, and gets you into deep states of mind.

Stress interferes with sleep and rests in various ways; however music makes calms the mind and body, thus, preparing for sleep.

In this way, it helps you unwind, creates a peaceful mind frame, neutralizes the effects of stress, and moves the mind away from that which is stressing you.

  • Start your day with it

Nothing gives joy like waking up in the morning feeling great. Wake yourself up while listening to the right selection of soothing music, with nice beating and volume.

Boost your state of mind and get positive energy for the day from early morning music. Play some relaxing series music when getting ready to go out in the morning.

In this way, your whole body, including the brain will get calm and relaxed, and then, you’ll function at your best in many of the day’s activities.

Music reduces levels of the hormone cortisol in your body, gives you positive morning thoughts and energy to start your day.

  • Music streaming at work

Streaming music while working can take away your mind from stress, provides a sought of energy, hence, making you less tired and more productive at work.

One of the simplest tips that can help keep your mental peace at the workplace is music. You, as a manager, can use music to reduce the stress of interpersonal challenges and regain peace of mind at work.

Many employers and employees sometimes face family and personal problems, which deter their work efficiencies.

Perhaps, soothing music can help maintain peace, and reduce stress at the workplace. The calmness from music helps you relax more at work, revamp circumstances which might be bordering you and stay motivated.

According to Dr. Lesiuk, T (1992) study concerning the effect of music listening on work performance, music listening offers positive mood alteration at work and improves the perception of work principles

Generally, music has a direct relationship with workplace interactions, such that it contributes to the model development that aspires to workers. However, dare not playing music that has implications for organizational practice.

  • Use music for commuting

There’re various tunes intentionally designed to help you make your commute bearable. Tune the right soundtrack while commuting to work to put an end to road rage.

Apart from getting relieved from commute tension itself, playing music in the car provides you with a nice time, and makes you forget the delay from traffic jams.

On the other hand, it takes your mind off the office duties you’re supposed to accomplish on reaching your destination, hence, making you more arrive at your workplace relaxed, prepared, and less stressed to take on awaiting duties.

There is a lot to which sounds and rhythm from soothing music can do ward-off stress, keep you calm, and make your commute smoother than ever.

What’s more, tune to a classical station with streaming music as you go to work in the morning, or as you return from work.

  • Stay healthy and positive with music

Music heals both the body and soul. It can improve physical and mental stimulation in human beings, and boost performance on the whole.

Emotional trauma, sickness, and other health challenges can keep one handicapped and away from his/her right frame of mind, but music is the medicine that can heal from inside out.

It can improve our health physically, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise. Irrespective of condition, the repetitive elements of rhythm, and melody can boost the mind and body.

Experiments have shown that patients who listen to their choice of music easily recall their suppress memories, experience anxiety level which is significantly low, and achieve a deep state of mind than those who do not.

. Throw some energetic music when cleaning

No doubt, music can energize when doing some house chores like cleaning. Throw the best rap songs or hip-hop for one-hour house cleaning, especially after facing a long day at work.

These upbeat will motivate while doing the chores, and keep you relaxed and stress-relieved even after doing the work.

And having an organized, sparkling home can give peace of mind and cut down the stress levels.


No doubt, listening to music is an evidence-based therapy for stress management and relaxation, and a proven way to improve the quality of life, hence, keeping you relaxed and happy.

Listening to music can relieve mental, physical and emotional stress a great deal. The power of melodies can calm the peace of mind while at work, home, or even when commuting.

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