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Using Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Effectively – Part 2

In part one, we explained how Pay Per Click programs work, gave a shortlist of the most popular PPC networks, and explained the difference between appearing on search engine results pages and on niche websites.

In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips for making the most of your PPC campaigns.

Entire books have been written on Google Adwords and other PPC networks. Obviously we don’t have room for that kind of analysis here, but let’s go over some basics that will help improve your profitability.

1. Your choice of keywords is vital. You must choose them wisely if you want to succeed. You’ll have to learn to balance two key factors.

First, people must actually be searching for the keyword phrase you’re using. You can get a rough idea of how many monthly searches a keyword gets by using programs such as Wordtracker or Keyword Elite.

But you must also take cost into account. It makes little sense to pay $1.25 per click if each visitor generates only fifty cents.

You need to find keyword phrases in the sweet spot where they receive a good number of searches, but the cost per click (CPC) is low enough to turn a profit.

2. Use pre-qualifiers to discourage tire-kickers.
You have to pay for every click your ad gets, even if that visitor has no intention of buying anything from you.

One way to discourage information-seekers from clicking your link is to mention the price in your ad.

This simple step makes it clear to them that they should go elsewhere if they’re looking for freebies.

3. Learn how to write effective sales copy. Don’t forget that you’re writing an advertisement to induce someone into clicking on your link.

Learning how to write persuasive copy and a powerful headline will go a long way toward improving your clickthrough rate.

4. Test constantly. PPC advertisers who don’t test their ads quickly blow their budget with little to show for their troubles.

You should constantly be testing new headlines, copy, etc. to determine what brings the best results.

You can then go back and adjust your PPC campaign to funnel more money towards the ads that convert the best.

5. Never stop learning. Look at competing ads. If you see the same ones over and over again it’s a good bet that they’re making someone money.

You can’t just copy someone else’s ads, but you can learn from them.

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