Vitamins And Minerals For Teens

Vitamins And Minerals For Teens
Vitamins And Minerals For Teens

Hey, your kid is no more pampered to your apron? Is your child a growing boy touching his father’s shoulder or a growing girl with a small pimple down her chin?

Very crucial period indeed! This period is the most vital growth period both at the physical and the psychological levels.

This is when your child has stepped into the shoes of a teenager, neither an adult nor a child anymore.

When a girl attains puberty, it’s a very sensitive phase of her life. She undergoes essential changes in her body development and her biological cycle takes a turning point.

Proper care is a must at this stage. The nurturing and the nourishment should be such that she is able to adjust accordingly with these changes and the most important of all her body should be able to support these. 

Similar is in case of a growing boy.  This is the period when their muscular development is the vital.

More vitamins, extra calcium, and necessary minerals are required for their solid growth. You know very well that vitamins and minerals play an essential role in the growing process of teenagers.

Very essentially if the growth during this phase is withheld due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, this cannot be compensated throughout the entire life.

Parents beware and you teenagers don’t ignore this and just grab on bites of pizzas and pastries.

Have things that are nutritious and necessary for your health. So you need to know what are the essential vitamins and minerals you need during your teenage. Here are some ready tips for you.

For teens, a well balanced diet, if possible based on the Food Guide Pyramid is best advised. It will give the necessary amount of vitamins and also the minerals and other nutrients that your body needs.

As a teenager, you need at least 1300 mg calcium per day. So milk is a must along with other dairy products.

Milk is a good source of calcium. If you are a person who is not so fond of milk, you can take the supplements of calcium.

Calcium is needed for your bones. It strengthens your bones and also protects the bones from osteoporosis.

Meat is not only delicious but also very good for the teens. But if you do not like meat, you require some amount of zinc, iron and some B vitamins.

You can take Multivitamin capsules and mineral supplements in the forms of tablets. These will give you 100 % of the daily dietary need.

Vitamin C is another necessary thing that builds your bones stronger and is needed to form the collagen to hold the cells together.

To keep your gums, teeth, and blood vessels healthy from a very early age you need a proper amount of vitamin C. And vitamin C helps your body to absorb these essential minerals.

Iron and calcium are the two very important ingredients for the proper growth of the teens. Vitamin D is required for the teens because, like the vitamin C it also helps your body in absorbing the required amount of calcium. At the same time it also strengthens your bones.

Iron is the mineral very essential for the teenage girls, because they lose iron through blood during their menstruation.  If you are a teen age girl, you need 15 mg if iron daily. 

Magnesium too holds similar importance.  It helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and the muscles.

It is also good for your heart. Magnesium helps to create energy in your body that is very necessary during the teenage.

410 mg of magnesium is needed for the teen guys and for the girls it is 360 mg. On the other hand, zinc is needed for natural growth and sexual development.

About 11 mg of zinc is necessary for the teen guys and 9 mg for the girls. Young boys and girls, do enjoy your sweet sixteen but not at the cost of your health!

Diets rich with the necessary amount of these vitamins and minerals will keep you fit and make you strong and healthy.