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Low Vitamin C Intake Increases The Risk Of Asthma

Even the school going children know the importance of vitamins in human lives. But what even most of the adults are not aware of is; how important it is to consume the proper amount of vitamin.

While proper amount of vitamins make your life beautiful, an improper dosage (low dosage or high dosage) can make your life hell. So make sure about the quantity of different vitamins you consume or you need.

Vitamin C is renowned for its usage for the treatment and prevention of cold and respiratory problems. And you cannot ignore the fact that a deficiency of vitamin C in your body can cause you a great deal of harm.

We offer some valuable information with this regard to help you to improve your diet in the future. 

Vitamin c is soluble in water. Your body needs it to form the collagen in the bones, muscles and blood vessels. In certain stages of life, intake of some specific vitamins becomes necessary.

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For example, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, women require an increased level of vitamin C. a severe deficiency of vitamin C can cause Scurvy. Although scurvy is a rare disease, it may occur to those who are suffering from malnourishment. Scurvy can lead to dangerous consequences and even death.

The most contemporary disease that can be caused by the deficiency of vitamin C is asthma. Asthma is a very common these days. Lots of factors can trigger off this disease and the primary of them is pollution.

Since 1980s vitamin C is in use to treat asthma and more researches in this field is still carried on. The researches confirmed that the chances of developing asthma increase with low levels of vitamin C intake.

You do not have to take the vitamin c directly all the time. There are various fruits which contain vitamin C in huge quantities. These include primarily the citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons etc. some other fruits are apples, asparagus, berries etc.

There are some vegetables also which are full of vitamin C. These include broccoli, cabbage, melon, etc. if you take these fruits and vegetables in your diet, your body will receive a good level of vitamin C.

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According to the dietitians, the regular intake of vitamin C should be 90 mg per day for men above 18 and for the women above 18the quantity is 75 mg per day.

For the pregnant women above 18 years of age the intake of vitamin C should be 85 mg per day. On the other hand this quantity of vitamin c differs a great deal for the breast feeding women who are not more than 18 years.

It becomes 120 mg per day. If you happen to be a smoker you would require more vitamin C than those of non smokers; you would need at least 35 mg per day additionally.

If direct intake is not possible from the fruits and vegetables, there are also some supplements available for the vitamin C. To be on the safe side, take only that amount of vitamin C that has been recommended by your physician.

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