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What Is the Difference Between Nintendo Wii And PlayStation?

Indeed many do not seem to find there is a difference between Nintendo Wii and PlayStation, but in reality there are quite a few differences between the two.

The most obvious difference is in the price, for the PlayStation PS3 is definitely more expensive than the Nintendo Wii, the price being about $600 for the first and $250 for the latter.

This substantial price difference lies in the fact that the PS3 (PlayStation 3) has a hard drive memory installed of 20 GB or 60 GB depending on the model, while the Nintendo Wii does not.

The difference between Nintendo Wii and PlayStation also lies in the sophistication of the graphical images, for with its 64-bit system Nintendo 64 can provide a higher quality in the graphics during a game as opposed to its competitor PS2 with only a 32-bit system.  

An advantage with Nintendo Wii is that it is easier to set up and its games are simpler to figure out and operate. It has also left behind the classic remote controllers, as the new ones used by Nintendo actually convey a more real to life feeling during the video game. The PS3 has now improved its classic remote control system with the Siaxis version, by adding special sensors, which follow the leaning and tilting movements of the person playing the video game.

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Another difference between Nintendo Wii and PlayStation is the gaming systems, which differ considerably. Depending on the kind of video games one is looking for one choice would be better than another. Nintendo Wii games are exclusively designed for the Nintendo product system, so the characters for Nintendo cannot be found for other gaming systems, on the other hand these games are rated E, which means that they generally for everyone’s level, they do also offer T rated games for teenagers.

PS3 usually proposes games that are for a more mature public, rated M (mature) meaning that they are intended for the more advanced players, however this does not exclude the fact that they also offer many E and T rated game systems.

So in general the important factor to consider is the age group and skill, as well as the price difference, for though both systems offer different game levels, the Nintendo Wii is probably more suitable for the average game player, while the PS3 system is more sophisticated than its forerunner with enhanced graphic images.

 The Nintendo Wii has in fact more interactive games, due to its controllers with motion detectors, which relay the player’s movement and at the moment it is the more popular of the two game systems. On the other hand the graphic quality of the PS3 is finer, it all depends what each one of us is looking for.

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