What Is The Relationship Between Weight Loss And Calcium?

Weight Loss And Calcium
What Is The Relationship Between Weight Loss And Calcium?

Is there a connection between losing weight and taking calcium supplements?

Researchers have found that people who are overweight generally have a smaller amount of calcium in their diet than people of a healthy weight.

People on diets who eat the recommended daily amount or more of calcium tend to lose a lot more weight than those who eat smaller amounts.

The weight loss also tends to be from specific parts of the body – mainly the stomach and waist area which is, interestingly, from where a large number of dieters want to lose it.

Whilst this research is certainly interesting, it is true to say that no one really knows how or why calcium and weight loss are linked. It does appear to be the case that there is indeed a connection.

It seems that obese people are not getting the required amount of calcium that their bodies need.

Just what is going on here? Well, it is a known fact that when you don’t eat enough, your body tries to compensate by saving and storing as much fat as possible.

It seems that it does the same if your intake of calcium is low, irrespective of how much, or indeed how little, other stuff you’re eating.

Researchers believe that when you don’t ingest enough calcium it causes changes in the body’s fat-storing profile and hormonal changes too, all of which lead to you putting on weight.

Only when you start to restore the body’s calcium balance does your body start to reverse the fat storage allowing you to start losing weight.

So ok, now you know that if you want to lose weight you must at least take on board the recommended daily amount of calcium. But that’s only part of the story. If your body doesn’t absorb the calcium properly, it won’t matter how much of it you ingest.

So, how can you help your body to absorb the calcium you feed it? Well, properly-balanced vitamin intake is necessary. And the very best vitamin for aiding calcium absorption is vitamin D.

There is one type of calcium supplement that is absorbed by the body more readily than others and that is coral calcium.

An added benefit of coral calcium is that it contains 73 trace elements and minerals that are important to your body.

There clearly does appear to be a link between calcium intake and weight loss and if you prefer to take your calcium in supplement form, there do appear to be possible benefits to choosing coral calcium.