What You Need To Know About Aerating Your Lawn


Do you know that your lawn and its underlying soil need to breathe? Well, just like you, they do – it’s a fact.

To give your lawn the air it needs you will have to deal with thatch. What is thatch?

It is the layer of dead grass between the green, healthy stuff and the surface of the soil. To maintain lawn health you will need to remove this – a process known as de-thatching.

If the layer of lawn thatch is allowed to build up too much it will be difficult for your lawn to get the air it needs to thrive.

To keep your lawn as healthy as possible, you should pay careful attention to de-thatching and also aerate once a year.

Aerating can be as simple as poking holes in the surface of the lawn. If you’re a golfer or you know someone who is, then an ideal way of carrying out the aeration is by walking over the lawn surface in spiked golf shoes.

The best time of year to carry out lawn aeration is in the Spring or Fall seasons.

The best time of the year to clear your lawn of thatch to allow it to breathe more easily is in the Fall, at the same time as you are raking it to remove Autumn leaves.

Another bonus that you gain with a properly aerated lawn is a reduction in soil compaction which allows water and any fertilizer you use to get right down to the root level where it can achieve maximum benefit for the well being of your lawn.

The ideal conditions within which to carry out lawn aeration are when the air temperature is approximately 60 degrees.

If the soil is seriously compacted because, for example, the lawn gets a lot of people walking on it, the simple aeration procedures discussed above may not provide a complete solution.

In cases of severe soil compaction, you may have to resort to a piece of machinery called a lawn aerator. You should be able to find one of these machines available for rent in your area.

This lawn aerating machine will pull cores out of your lawn to a depth of two to three inches, approximately three inches apart.

If you are going to use one of these mechanical lawn aerators then it’s a good idea to water the lawn on the previous day to soften the soil a little – just don’t overdo it.


Just follow the few, simple tips above will help to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and is a joy to behold.