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What’s Hot! What’s Not! Fashion Accessories For Young Guys

It is a fact that whatever is much-hyped and hot today will be out of the fashion-queue in the near future.

Fashion for men is also subject to such rapid changes and prone to quick obsoleteness. This is aptly manifested in the young person’s habits of following trendy dress codes, hair-styles, behaviors and ways of living.

If any male is found to stick to outdated fashions, he is perceived as orthodox. Fashion or mode of expression, by definition, is flexible and changes with the advent of new era.

Latest Fashion Accessories

Following are the latest fashion accessories that might be just what you need to spruce up your image:


An exclusive timepiece would not necessarily tell time better than a watch bought from a street vendor, but one thing is for sure: it will draw way more attention to your wrist and draw admiration from many people.

Some popular wrist watches of the day are: Citizen JR3060-59F Skyhawk Men’s Titanium Watch, Cartier, Casio, Citizen, Pulsar, Seiko, Wenger, Invicta, and Swiss Army watch.

Platinum or Gold Ring

Simple platinum or gold ring offered today with no big ornamentation can be described by the help of three words: powerful, futuristic and slick.

Platinum Hand-Braided Wedding Band, 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum ring, Platinum 5mm Comfort-Fit Ring, etc. are now on offer.


You could get men’s bags earlier also, but what matters is the design. The designs need to be trendy enough to attract the notice of the common people.

The young and old men’s bags of the day consist of shoulder bags, Flap Hand bags, Duffle & Gym Bags, Gucci Wallet #GC03521315294, Louis Vuitton Compact Wallet Black, Louis Vuitton Compact wallet Cannelle, Kenneth Cole 56055CT Leather Trifold Wallet, Nike ‘Hoops Jr’ Duffel Bag, Nike B2.2 Medium Duffle, Adidas Basics Team Bag, Dickies Basic Shoulder Bag Black – Messenger Bags and High Sierra AT4 In 1 Cargo Bag.

Mobile Phones

There are lots of good mobiles of different companies acting as fashion accessories with the high-end functionalities. Pamper yourself with any model you like and add color to your talks.

Choose as you wish from the best of the latest-LG Chocolate KG800, Sony Ericsson K750i, Samsung D600, Sony Ericsson W810i, Nokia N80, Nokia 6280, Nokia N91, Nokia 8800, Nokia N93, Nokia E70, Nokia 801, Nokia 6265i, Nokia 7370, Nokia 6315, Nokia 7380, Sony Ericsson P990i and Motorola RIZR Z3.

Smart Fabrics

Usually the cool fabrics always rule. Nike Nickel Chest Stripe Tee, Sean John Men’s Black 2-Button Three Piece Tuxedo, Sean John Polo, Sean John Men’s Beige Sharkskin Suit, Six pockets and cargo pants, plain 100% cotton T-shirts have arrived to set the trend in men’s fashion instincts.


Fused with the personality and mannerisms perfumes used have always tamed the aura with the distinctive presence of the person using them.

These can characterize your profile in a best possible way. Some popular perfumes are: Black from Kenneth Cole, Silver Black from Azzaro, BlackXS Paco Rabanne, Boss, etc.

While some fashion accessories are really hot, some others are to be a no-no with young people wishing to be trendy and fashionable.  

Some of the Latest Fashion mistakes are:

  • Wearing Socks with sandals
  • Wearing Novelty Ties, Shirts, Boxer Shorts, etc.
  • Displaying designer labels
  • Carrying backpacks at the office
  • Putting on Chunky shoes
  • Donning shiny or glittery shirts and suits
  • Wearing clothes that are too loose fitting
  • Using fabrics coming in unflattering colors

While keeping the above mentioned dos and donts in mind opting for fashion accessories for young guys will obviously mean rearing of glamour within the purview of modernity.

Young men can choose any trendy style they want, but still it is advisable to develop a clear idea about what sort of fashions would mould their inner-self best and can present their best selves to the onlookers and wear accordingly.

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