Where To Go For Excitement And Find A Dream Destination Travel

Where To Go For Excitement And Find A Dream Destination Travel
Where To Go For Excitement And Find A Dream Destination Travel

Not everyone may be thrilled to bits by the idea of white water rafting or trekking miles to climb a snow peak.

In other words, what’s exciting for some people may not always be so for others. So, we have tried to accommodate both sets in our list below.

See if you find your dream destination!

– Las Vegas:

Okay, so, you’re thinking casinos. But Vegas has always been more than gambling heaven.

There are some incredible new resorts like Wynn Las Vegas, a new show by Elton John called ‘The Red Piano’ at Caesar’s Palace, and the upcoming resort and casino Las Ramblas (set to open in 2008) from the foursome of Jorge Perez, George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Jim Stuart

– Guatemala:

A perennial favorite. Security has been a concern in the past, but Guatemala especially is pretty safe these days.

Steeped in the tradition of its Mayan ancestors and blessed with a richly varied landscape, Guatemala suits travelers on any kind of budget.

Plenty of excitement is on offer from one kind of festival or another, from religious to spiritual to celebratory

– The Caribbean:

Popular with cruise lines, the Caribbean islands also offer lovely land-based holidays. They are home to some of the world’s friendliest people, and dancing on the beach next to impossibly blue seas is an experience not to be missed.

Plus, you have numerous water sport options, as well as short cruises from island to island

– New York City:

Recovering magnificently post-9/11, the Big Apple is drawing the crowds again. This is a city that truly never sleeps, because there’s too much going on.

From Broadway, to Lady Liberty in the harbor, to the manic bustle of Wall Street, to the beatnik Greenwich Village, you’ll love NYC!

– Vietnam:

Particularly popular with European tourists, the country offers great beaches, low-cost shopping, friendly people and lots of little villages and towns to explore. The food is good and accommodation excellent

– Bolivia:

This unpretentious South American country always astounds visitors with its landscapes, culture and natural beauty.

Flying north from La Paz, the world’s highest capital city, you enter a whole different Bolivia ‘V the torrid Amazon Basin. Need we say more?

– Germany:

Has to be one of the ultimate European destinations, a combination of a busy, progressive nation and a traditional European one.

Take in the picture postcard beauty of small towns, spires, turrets, medieval castles and cobbled streets. That all of it’s clean and extremely efficient only adds to the enjoyment.

And once you have seen Berlin’s nightlife, you’ll know why we find Germany exciting, not to mention its fabulous beer, Alpine skiing, hiking, trekking and a drive down the Autobahn

– Egypt:

Yes, the pyramids do look a whole lot more majestic up front. It’s a dreamlike feeling to be photographing some of the world’s most recognizable monuments.

Then, there’s the jaw-dropping Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel. Also, don’t forget to travel up the Nile by felucca, or sample the culture of cosmopolitan Cairo

– Thailand:

Despite the devastating tsunami of 2004, the resorts and coastal towns which were virtually flattened are bouncing back to form and tourists are returning to what are some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and most vibrant cities. Thailand is back. Cheers!

– Argentina:

You won’t want to leave Buenos Aires. The jacaranda-lined avenues play host to the tango, there’s some amazing dining and nightlife and sophistication all round.

But do travel south to Patagonia and you’ll be amazed by the imposing Perito Moreno glacier, the mountain town of Bariloche and the steakhouses

– India:

No two days are the same in this huge, throbbing country. It is hot, colorful, varied, sometimes dirty and crowded, but always beautiful.

Its size and scope contains an amazingly diverse population in which no two territories are the same.

So, you can do the exotic palaces of Rajasthan, the beach resorts of Kerala and Goa, and of course, the Taj Mahal, not to mention the Himalayas and a cruise down the Ganges

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