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Your Beauty Supply Kit

We do not always have the opportunity to go to beauty spas or to beauty shops because we all live busy lives.  However, once in a while, we do have to pamper ourselves.  We go to these beauty shops or beauty spas where we will be taken care of.

But what if we were going to travel and we do not know much about the area?  We do not know what reliable beauty shops there are there.  There will come a time when we will have to do the pampering ourselves, and for that, we will need a beauty supply kit.

Manicure Kit

Of course, we all need a manicure kit.  This will come in handy when we are in a different place, and we do not have the time to go to beauty shops.  What your manicure kit should include are cuticle nippers for your ingrown nails. 

It also should have a cuticle pusher and cuticle scissors for the cuticles.  It should also include the nail files and the buffers as well as the pumice to smoothen the edges of the trimmed nails and pamper our nails.

Pedicure Kit

Like the manicure set, it should have a toenail clipper and nipper as well as nail files to make the edges of the toenails more smoother and more even.  You should also have a toenail scissor in your kit.

Facial Kit

Your facial kit should include a blackhead remover to remove those stubborn blackheads that tend to develop on your nose.  There should also be a tweezer as well as facial scissors to remove unwanted hairs on your eyebrows and, yes, even nose hairs.

Spa Kit

A beauty kit is not a beauty kit if it does not contain a spa kit.  Your spa kits should contain loofah brushes for a good brushing and to remove dead skin cells.  If you do not like a loofah brush, then at least have an exfoliating mitten.

This works better, plus, since it is a mitten, it is much easier to use.  Cleansing sponges are another option, and they are gentler on the skin than either the loofah or exfoliating mitten.

Word of Caution

Word of caution though, the beauty supply that you should have in your beauty supply kit are those that should be made from stainless steel.  It should not rust when you disinfect it so as to avoid infection. 

Plus, choose a good manufacturer that is trusted by many, so that you will be using only the best and trusted supply kit.

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