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Country Briefs: Denmark is a small country in Scandinavia (northern region) of Germany. Denmark is largely bordered by various water bodies and islands. It is surrounded by the Baltic, the North Sea, the Jutland peninsula, the islands of Funen, Zealand and Bornholm.

Geographically speaking Denmark is said to be the smallest and the southernmost nation-states among the group of five Nordic countries. It has a mere area of several forty-three thousand kilometers and a population of over five million.

Denmark's capital is its largest city of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a beautiful city that is an evergreen vacation destination. But besides this Copenhagen is also a perfect mirror to the culture, tradition and history of Denmark.

According to historians the exact origins of Denmark are uncertain and unknown. But on the basis of speculations we can say that settlement started in this region around 7th century.

However till 10th century the Danes were referred to as Vikings (a term that is Scandinavian in origin and that refers to the Nose warriors who raided the coasts of Scandinavia, British Isles etc. from 8th to 11th century). The Danes were so called, as together with the Norwegians and Swedes they used to raid in all parts of Europe.

This can be one main reason behind the fact that several parts of England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, France, in particular the Normandy and Virgin Islands, India, Estonia and many others were under the governance of the king of Denmark for a long time.

In fact before 1658 Scania, Blekinge and Holland fell under the map of Denmark only. It was in 1658 that Denmark lost these places to Sweden. Similarly Denmark lost Norway in 1814 when the union with Norway was dissolved and Norway united with Sweden.

During 1830 Denmark witnessed numerous liberal and national movements. Denmark became a constitutional monarchy on 5th June 1849 after the revolutions of 1848.

In 1864 Denmark was badly moved by the second war of Schleswig or the Danish-Prussian war. This war that was fought between Austria and Prussia against Denmark had a great impact on Denmark. Denmark was badly defeated and as a result Denmark had to cede Schleswig-Holstein to Prussia.

The war also made Denmark calm and quiet for sometime. This is the reason that Denmark remained neutral in the First World War. At the end of the war when Germany was defeated the Versailles powers tried to return the Schleswig-Holstein region back to Denmark.

But Denmark did not accept the offer and insisted on a plebiscite or a direct vote for the return of Schleswig. The plebiscite happened in 1920 and Denmark successfully won the Northern Schleswig.

In 1940 Germany launched the operation Weserubung and invaded Denmark. But with persistent protests Denmark managed to acquire self-rule in 1943.

Denmark was occupied by military throughout the Second World War. But gradually Denmark succeeded in its goals and became one of the founding members of NATO in 1973 and also joined the European Economic Community or the European community later.

Denmark Counties
County HASC ISO FIPS NUTS Population Area(km.²) Capital Postal codes
Århus DK.AR 070 DA01 DK00D 640,637 4,561 Århus 80-86, 89
Bornholm DK.BO 040 DA02 DK007 44,126 588 Rønne 37
Copenhagen DK.KH 015 DA05 DK002 615,115 526 Copenhagen 26-29
Copenhagen City DK.SK 101 DA06 DK001 499,148 88 Copenhagen 10-17, 21-25
Frederiksberg DK.SF 147 DA16 DK001 91,076 9 Frederiksberg 18-20
Frederiksborg DK.FR 020 DA03 DK003 368,116 1,347 Hillerød 30-36
Fyn DK.FY 042 DA04 DK008 472,064 3,486 Odense 50-59
North Jutland DK.NJ 080 DA07 DK00F 494,833 6,173 Ålborg 90-99
Ribe DK.RB 055 DA08 DK00A 224,446 3,131 Ribe 66-68
Ringkøbing DK.RK 065 DA09 DK00C 273,517 4,853 Ringkøbing 68-69, 74-76
Roskilde DK.RS 025 DA10 DK004 233,212 891 Roskilde 40-41, 46
South Jutland DK.SJ 050 DA11 DK009 253,249 3,938 Åbenrå 61-66
Storstrøm DK.ST 035 DA12 DK006 259,691 3,398 Nykøbing (Falster) 47-49
Vejle DK.VJ 060 DA13 DK00B 349,186 2,997 Vejle 60, 70-73, 87
Vestsjælland DK.VS 030 DA14 DK005 296,875 2,984 Sorø 41-45
Viborg DK.VB 076 DA15 DK00E 233,921 4,122 Viborg 77-79, 88
16 divisions 5,349,212 43,092    
  • County: Copenhagen City and Frederiksberg are municipalities. Bornholm is a regional municipality.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Codes from ISO 3166-2.
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4.
  • NUTS: Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics.
  • Population: 2001-01-01 census.
  • OPostal codes: See heading below.
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