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Description: Detailed large political map of Eritrea showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries of neighbouring countries.

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Situated on the Red Sea on the coast of Northeast Africa, Eritrea borders with Djibouti, Sudan and Ethiopia. The country stretches for nearly 1,000 km along the Red Sea, while in the interior, mountainous landscapes prevail. The capital Asmara boasts several mosques and churches, notably the Al Khulafa Al Rashiundin Mosque. The languages spoken are Tigre, Tigrinya, Arabic and English.

Throughout the country there are many examples of the Turkish and Egyptian colonial periods offering several interesting architectural sites. The Italians also left their trace by greatly influencing country’s cuisine.

Eritrea has numerous natural attractions with its magnificent wide beaches in the Province of Denkali and underwater world beauty, notably the Dahlak Archipelago that is now a national park, boasting more than 200 islands with flat reef gardens and a diversity of fishes, with excellent scuba diving and snorkeling conditions. The land wildlife is also plentiful and one may spot lions, baboons, gazelles, elephants, ostriches and turtles on the beaches.

The mausoleums of Muhammad Ibn Ali and Sheikh el Amin are well-known pilgrimage sites, which are worth a visit, as well as the Tomb of Said Abu Bakr el Mirgani and the Mariam de Arit. Debre Sina, near Elabered on the Asmara–Keren road, also a noteworthy monastery.

The summer months between April and August can be extremely hot with temperatures reaching 40°C while the winters are mild along the coast. The temperature can drop below zero in the central and western plateua regions during December to February. The rainy season goes from March to April and June to September.

The people from Eritrea are called Eritrean.

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