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Description: The Physical Map of Swaziland showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, deserts, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Swaziland Facts and Country Information...

Swaziland is officially known as the Kingdom of Swaziland. It is a sovereign state located in South Africa. The ethnic people of this country derive their names from Mswati II, a king from the 19th-century king who ruled the Swazi territory. Swaziland is a land-locked country which is bordered in the North, South and West by South Africa and has Mozambique to its East.

Even though Swaziland has a geographical area that covers only 17,400 square kilometres of landmass, it consists of four major geographical regions with varied topography. These regions are differentiated from each other on the basis of the climate prevalent and run from the north to the country’s southern boundaries. There are several rivers that flow through the country, the Great Usutu River being the major river in the region.

The mountain ridge of the Lubombo lies along the eastern border with Mozambiqueand stands at a height of about 600 metres. The mountains are separated from each other by the canyons of three rivers, namelythe Usutu ,the Ngwavuma as well as theMbuluzi River.

Swaziland is divided into four climatic regions: the Highveld, the Middleveld, the Lowveld as well as theLubombo plateau. The seasons of the country are the opposite of those prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere: December being a mid-summer month and June being a mid-winter month.

Political Map of Swaziland
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