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Description: Detailed large political map of Zambia showing names of capital city, towns, states, provinces and boundaries of neighbouring countries.

Zambia Facts and Country Information...

Zambia is a nation that is located in the Southern Africa and it is also referred to as the Republic of Zambia. It has Angola on its west; Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana on its south; Tanzania on its northeast; and Congo on its north. Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and it is located on the southeast side of the nation. Most of the people living in the country are residing in Lusaka and the Copperbelt.

Zambia is a nation that experiences a tropical climate and it has many mountains and hills. This landlocked nation is considered to be the world's 39th largest country with an area of 752,614 square kilometers.

There are about seventy-two ethnic groups in Zambia and most of them can speak in Bantu. About ninety percent of its people are from the nine chief ethnolinguistic groups and these groups are Lozi, Nkoya, Kaonde, Luvale, Lunda, Tumbuka, Tonga, Bemba, and the Nyanja-Chewa. English is the official language of this country and it is used primarily in schools and in conducting business. The local language that is chiefly used in Zambia is Nyanja. Most of the people living in Zambia are followers of Christianity but other religions are also followed by some people.

The people from Zambia are called Zambians.

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