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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Oman with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections to provinces and perfectures.

Oman Facts and Country Information...

Situated in the Southwest Asia, Oman is an Arab nation found on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. On the southwest of Oman is Yemen, on its west is Saudi Arabia and on its northwest is the United Arab Emirates.

Muscat is its capital city. The population of Oman consists of Muslims (Ibadhi). Shi'i Muslims, Sunni Muslims and other minorities also make up the remaining portion of the country’s population. The standard of living in the country is good but Oman’s future is vague because of the restricted oil reserves. Apart from the oil reserves, Oman depends on agriculture and industries for revenue.

Oman is a nation that is a popular tourist destination. Its mountains, beaches, deserts and Wadis attract tourists to its land. The traditional Omani food is actually quite simple and the local people make use of different kinds of spices and marinades to prepare the dishes.
Fish, mutton and chicken form an integral part of the Omani cuisine. At present, one of the problems faced by Oman is to maintain sufficient supply of water for domestic as well as agricultural purpose. About 94% of the water supply is used in farming and 2% is used by the industries.

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