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Description: The Physical Map of South Korea showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, ocean, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

South Korea Facts and Country Information...

The Korean Peninsula’s southern part is known as South Korea which is officially called the Republic of Korea. It is a country in East Asia. North Korea is the only country with which it shares land border. Apart it has maritime boundaries with Japan and China. It runs 1,100 kilometres from the mainland. To the west it has Yellow Sea and to the east it has Sea of Japan. The southernmost tip of the country reaches to the Korean Strait and the East China Sea. 100,032 square kilometres is the total area of this country.

South Korea has four regions- a southwestern region is full of valleys and mountains; an eastern region is dominated by narrow coastal plains and high mountain ranges; a southeastern region which has a broad basin of the Nakdong River and a western region which is flanked by river basins, and broad coastal plains and rolling hills.

The topography of the country mostly features mountains which are not arable. Only thirty percent of the area has lowlands. Jeju-do is the largest island among other numbering almost three thousand. With an area of 1,845 square kilometres it contains Hallasan at 1,950 meters, an extinct volcano and the country’s highest point.

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