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Description: Detailed clear large map of Andorra with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections to provinces, prefectures with routes leading to neighboring countries.

Andorra Facts and Country Information...

Roads network of Andorra connects most Parish, rivers and mountains. CG1 - A southern road starting from Les Escaldes (Engordany) Parish, passing through towns such as Santa Coloma, Pont de la Marginada, Aixovall through hilly Parish of Sant Julià de Lòria Parish and end to the border between Andorra and Spain.

CG3 - One of the longest main road in Andorra, extend from El Serrat, Llorts, Arans, La Cortinado, Sarnas to Odino, moving down south to l'Aldosa, and intersection at La Massana city, then runs down almost parallel to Riu Valito del Nord to the 2 main cities of Les Escaldes and Andorra La Vella. (Those areas are specified in our map above).

CG2 - Is a central and major highway from Les Escaldes, touching Encamp city and also extends all the way to Canillo, San Joan de Caselles, L'Aldosa, El Tarter, Soldeu, B. d'Envalira and stopped at Pas de la casa a border town with via the Envalira Tunnel or pass between Andorra and France which is 2,409 metres (7,904 ft) high.

Cg5 - An Eastern road, starting from Arinsal ends up at Ercs, with intersection of 2 Cg4 roads extending to Pal, El Pui and La Massana .

Political Map of Andorra
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