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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Belarus with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections to provinces and perfectures.

Belarus Facts and Country Information...

Belarus have extensive road and highway network which covers almost all cities, towns and villages.


A117 highway starts from the neighboring country in the North, and pass through Klyastsitsy, Navapolatsk, with intersection at Polatsk, then continues southward and terminates at Lyepyel. A245 continues from Lyepyel, crossing over Plyeshchanitsy, lahaysk to the capital city of Minsk in the central part of the country.

M1-E30 connects Minsk in the center with Barysaw, Talachyn and Arekhawsk in the border town in the north East, while also extend southwards by passing Dzyarzhynsk, Kobryn to the Southern border town of Malaryta, making this highway the longest in the country.

M13 starting from the south west crossed through Brest, Kobryn, Drahichyn, Ivanava, Mikashevichy, Kalinkovicy, Homyel' ending after the border town of Dobrush in the South East, making it one of the longest road in Belarus.

Also, there are roads for anyone travelling from towns such as Hrodna, crossing through Schchuchyn, Lida to Minsk and beyond.

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