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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Belgium with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections in regions, provinces, prefectures, also with routes leading to neighboring countries.

Belgium Facts and Country Information...

Belgium roads are managed by regional authorities for example Walloon, Flanders and others, while the capital is fully managed by Brussels government.

The roads seen across the country is made up of highways, national roads and streets, managed by different municipalities in the country. There are wide well developed roads all around the country, from city to towns and vice versa.

Wide roads A10 can be seen passing from Ostend, Ghent all the way to Brussels. The roads then stretch out to Leuven, Mechelen, Antwerp all the way to border town of Arendok near Netherlands.

A4 one of the longest highways in Belgium connects A1 (E19) is a Road linking Brussels to Antwerp and ends up to Breda. A2 (E314) is a network of road from Leuven to Lummen and finally to the city of Genk.

A3 (E40) is a highway from Brussels going to Leuven passing into Liège and reaches up to Aachen. A4 (E411) is a road from Brussels to Wavre continued to Namur and passing Arlon to Luxembourg.

A10 (E40) is a road network from Brussels to Ghent proceeding to Bruges and to Ostend. A12 is a road from Brussels to Boom and goes up to Antwerp then proceeds to Netherlands.

A13 (E313) consist of road leading to Antwerp then to Beringen continued to Hasselt and then to city of Liège. A14 (E17) is a highway starting from Lille to Kortrijk then continuing to Ghent and towards the city of Antwerp. A15 (E42) Highway from Charleroi to Namur then to Huy and eding in Liège.

A17 (E403) Road route from Bruges to Kortrijk and then to Tournai. A18 (E40) Is a road from Bruges to Veurne and to Dunkerque.

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