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Description: The physical map of Estonia showing major geographical features like elevations, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features. Left top side in this map also pinpoint the exact location of Estonia in Europe.

Estonia Facts and Country Information...

Estonia is a country based in the northwestern part of Europe. It lies between north latitude 57.3 and 59.5 degrees and east longitude 21.5 and 28.1 degrees. The country separates the Gulf of Finland from Latvia and Russia. It shares its international boundaries with Russia on the east and Latvia in the south with the Baltic Sea to the west.

The flat country spreads across 45226 kilometers square. On its coastline near the Baltic Sea, the country has over 1500 islands. Suur Munamagi or Egg Mountain is the highest peak in the country and stands tall at 318 meters above sea level. It lies in the hilly southeast region. The country also boasts about the natural and artificial lakes which sum up to more than 1500.

The largest lake however is Lake Peipus and is present as a bordering water body near the Estonian and Russian border. Lake Vortsjarv is the second largest lake and is located at the heart of the country.
Of the many rivers, the Narva and Emajogi are the most important ones running in the country. The border shared with Latvia is 267 kilometers in length whereas the one shared with Russia is 290 kilometers long.

Political Map of Estonia
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