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Description: The physical map of Finland showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Finland Facts and Country Information...

Finland is the northernmost country in Europe and is bordered by land and sea. The north is bordered by Norway, Northwest and west by Sweden and the Gulf of Bothnia respectively, South by the Gulf of Finland and Estonia and east by Russia.

The total area covered by the country is 337030 square kilometers and almost one third of it lies in the Arctic Circle.
The land area of Finland is divided into four distinct parts and they all have their own characteristics. The Archipelago Finland is mostly covered by rock and water.

The Coastal Finland area has more of plains. The central Finnish Lake District is full of forests and the Upland Finland is covered in ice as it lies in the Arctic Circle. The southern region of the country is dominated by the twin ranges of the Salpausselka which run almost parallel to each other.
Behind the mountains is a network of more than a thousand lakes. The largest lake is called Lake Saimaa which has a surface area measuring up to 4400 square kilometers and is the fifth largest lake in Europe.
The Scandinavian Keel Range holds the highest peak within the Kilpisjarvi Mountain standing tall at 1000 meters. The Kemijoki is the longest and largest river network in the country and is up north. The south is watered by the Oulujoki River.

Political Map of Finland
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