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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Iceland with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections in regions, provinces, prefectures, also with routes leading to neighboring countries.

Iceland Facts and Country Information...

The national highway system comprises of primary, secondary, local access and highway roads managed by Icelandic Road Administration.

The road network is numbered in a single, double and 3 digit numbers such 1, 22, and 550 to name but a few. Driving in Iceland is on the right with overtaking on the left. Roads in Iceland connect through the coastal towns around the country since most of the land in the center is mountainous.

1 main road connects through Reykjavík heading northwards to cities such as Borgarnes, Blönduós, Akureyri, Egilsstaðir down to the southern cities of Höfn, Vík, Hella and it way through Selfoss back again to Reykjavík. This route for a round trip is a very long one, but ideal for travelers traveling around the country as you can see from the map above.

Also there are excellent road network connecting to south of Reykjavík to coastal cities and towns of Kópavogur, Hafnarfjordur, Keflavik, Grindavík, Thorlakshofn and to Selfos.

Physical Map of Iceland
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