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Description: The physical map of Latvia showing major geographical features like elevations, seas, lakes, plateaus, vegetations, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Latvia Facts and Country Information...

Latvia is a country located in the Eastern Europe and on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a low lying region as the average elevation of the land is below 200 meters above sea level.
There are about 12000 rivers in the country out of which only 17 run for 60 miles or more. The most important rivers in the country are Lielupe, Daugava, Gauja, Salaca and Venta.

The country is mostly covered by forests which are majorly pine trees. The country also has a 531 kilometer long coastline by the Baltic Sea.
The country spans an area of 64589 square kilometers. The Daugava is the longest river in the country and it flows for 1020 kilometers. The river originates from the Valday Hills in Russia and crosses the Latvian landscape to drain into the Gulf of Riga.

The highest peak in the country is called Gaizinkalns and is 312 meters high whereas the lowest point is less than a meter deep under the Baltic Sea.

The country lies between north latitude 57 and east longitude 25 degrees. There are over 3000 lakes in the country, majority of which are eutrophic. Lake Lubans is the biggest lake in the Latvian country which has an outflow to the Daugava river.

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