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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Latvia with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections in regions, provinces, prefectures, also with routes leading to neighboring countries.

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The road network in Latvia in the former Eastern Europe are vast, the state owned highways, regional roads and local roads, as well municipality owned roads and streets. Other roads are forest roads and private house roads.

In the road travel map above, the roads are well specified as follows: A1, E67 E-road connects Riga to Ainaži in the Estonia border, although this road passes through several towns and villages such as Salacgriva, Tuja and Saulkrasti.

A2, E77 E-road is between Riga to Sigulda and Viresi near Estonia Eastern border.

A3, E264 E-road is a road network connecting Incukalns to Valmiera and stopping at Valka in the Estonia border town.

A4, E67, E77 E-road is a Baltezers to Saulkalne ring road around the city of Riga.

A5, E67, E77 is Salaspils to Babite ring road connecting around Riga city.

A6, E22, E262 is a road network from Riga to Ogre, Jekabpils and then to Daugavpils passing through Kraslava and finally to Paternieki in the Belarus South Eastern border.

A7, E67 is a road that connects Riga to Lecava, Code and Bauska in the Lithuania border in the southern part of the country.

A8, E77 is a road from Riga to Jelgava and ending at Meitene.

A9, Riga - Saldus all the way to the western coast of Liepaja.

A10, E22 is a road that connects Riga to Ventspils

A11 is the road connecting the 2 southern coastal towns of Liepaja and Rucava.

A12, E22, E262 is a road linking the following Jekabpils, Rezekne, Ludza all the way to Terehova in the border with Russia in the North East.

A13, E262, An Eastern road from Grebneva passing Rezekne to Daugavpils and ending at Medumi.

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