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Description: Detailed large political map of Malta showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Malta Facts and Country Information...

Situated in Europe, Malta is a nation with extremely high population. There are about four hundred thousand people living in this country. Birkirkara is the biggest city and Valletta is the capital city of Malta.

Before the year 1934, Italian was its official language but from this period onwards, English and Maltese became the official languages of Malta.

The official religion of the nation is also its dominant religion and it is Roman Catholicism. In the year 1964, Malta got independence from the British rule and after a decade, it became a Republic. The climate in the country is Mediterranean.

Malta is a country that is popular among the tourists for its world heritage sites and of all the sites; the most famous of all are the Megalithic Temples.

 These temples are considered to be the oldest free-standing statues in the planet. At present the Government of Malta is spending a lot of money on education and this includes college.

The HSBC Bank Malta and the Bank of Valletta are two of the oldest as well as the largest banks in the country.

The cuisine of Malta is generally Mediterranean and it includes seafood and fresh produce. The Maltese cuisine has also been influenced by Southern Italian and Sicilian cuisine.

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