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Malta Map - Physical Map of Malta

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Description: The physical map of Malta showing major geographical features like elevations, islands, mountain ranges, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Malta Facts and Country Information...

Malta is an island country surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is an Archipelago made of coralline limestone and a part of Europe.

The country lies between north latitude 35.50 degrees and east longitude 14.35 degrees. The country’s ecological areas are mostly dominated by water and high terraced fields with rolling hills. The highest natural point is 253 meters tall and is called the Ta Zuta.

The country covers an area of 316 square kilometers all of which is land and is indented with numerous bays and small islands.

The country’s coastline is 196.8 kilometers long all of which is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The lowest point is under the Mediterranean Sea and is less than a meter in depth.

There are no permanent rivers in the country. They only flow during the monsoons or wet season. There are a few exceptions which have a little fresh water all year round: Bahrija, San Martin and Lunzjata. The continental shelf of the country has a drop of 200 meters.

Political Map of Malta
Political map and map image of Malta.

Road Map of Malta
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