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Description: The physical map of Montenegro showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Montenegro Facts and Country Information...

Montenegro is a small country located in the southwest Balkan region of Europe. The country borders Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and the Adriatic Sea. The country spans an area of 13812 square kilometers. Although small, the country is diverse when it comes to the terrain.

The northern segment of the country has high mountains whereas the central and western regions are filled with plains, caves and a narrow coastline. Mount Bobotov Kuk is the highest peak in the country and rises to a height of 2523 meters above sea level. It is a part of the Durmitor Mountain Range.

The Valley of the Zeta River holds the lowest point in the country. The river Zeta flows very high above sea level at about 450 meters. The Zeta River also drains the two dominant plains ion the country known as the Bjelopavlici Plain and the Zeta Plain.

The northern part of the country is watered by rivers Tara and Lim which join the Danube River after draining into the Drina River. The Tara is the longest river and flows for 144 kilometers.The southern rivers all empty themselves into the Adriatic Sea. Lake Skadar also known as Lake Scutari is the largest lake in all of the peninsula.

Political Map of Montenegro
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