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Antigua and Barbuda Map - Physical Map of Antigua and Barbuda

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Description: Physical map of Antigua and showing, rivers, lakes, elevations and other topographic features.

Antigua and Barbuda Facts and Country Information...

Antigua and Barbuda is a country located in North America in the sub region known as the Caribbean. It lies between north latitude 17.3 degrees and west longitude 61.48 degrees. The group of islands lies on the rain shadow area of the Lesser Antilles. The islands together take up an area of 442.6 square kilometers. The collective coastline is 153 kilometers long.

The terrain of the country is mostly low lying mainly formed by limestone instead of volcanic activity. Mount Obama is the highest peak in the country which is 402 meters high. The lowest part of the country lies at mean sea level on the Atlantic Ocean.

The country is surrounded by coral reefs and shoals. There are no permanent rivers in the country as rainfall is very low. The country lies very close to the hurricane belt of the Atlantic which is the main cause of the hurricanes frequenting the country. There are also a few droughts each year due to the scanty rainfall. The sandy shores extend inward which causes problems in vegetation.

The country mostly has shrubs except the central plain in Antigua. The main reason for fertility is the huge amount of volcanic ash. 11% of Antigua is forested owing to the Acacia and Mahogany trees along with a few red and white cedar trees.

Political Map of Antigua and Barbuda
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