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Description: Detailed large political map of Canada showing 10 Canadian provinces and territories, major cities, islands, towns, boundaries and road network with intersections.

Canada Facts and Country Information...

This immense country covers half of North America and borders the United States, Alaska and three of the four existing oceans. It also spans across six different time zones, with Ottawa as its capital and French and English being the two official languages due to its past rule under both the French and the British.


Canada probably offers the most complete range of choices for tourists in the world, from skiing, sailing, wildlife viewing to a wide range of museums and cultural sites as well as modern cities full of activities and events.

There is just so much to do and see in Canada throughout its various regions; the vast expanse of forests in the north, the striking beauty of the countryside in the west, the typical European charm of the eastern towns and the south with its numerous national parks.

One may choose from the diverse landscape Canada offers with its Arctic tundra in the extreme north where the polar ice cap lies to the Great Lakes of the south. The Rocky Mountains are situated in the west of the country where striking views and a wide expanse of forests can be admired, trekking; skiing and wildlife watching are favorites here. The Niagara Falls are world famous and offer a breathtaking experience.

Canada stretches throughout ten provinces and the climate varies considerably depending on the areas visited. Generally during the summer thunderstorms are quite frequent and occasional tornados can occur, especially during may to September. Winters can get extremely cold to the north and rainfall is frequent near the west coast.

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