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Description: Physical map of Canada showing, rivers, lakes, Rocky mountain in the western part, islands, elevations and other topographic features.

Canada Facts and Country Information...

This Canada is a country which is located in the northern part of the North American Continent. The country starts parallel to the Atlantic Ocean and spreads across the Pacific and goes further into the Arctic Ocean.

Spanning an area of almost 9.98 million square kilometres it is the second largest country in the world. The country also shares the world largest coastline measuring up to 202080 kilometres which is known as the Maritime Terrain.

Canada is between the country of USA, separating Alaska from the rest of the states. Latitude and Longitude wise the country falls between 41 and 84 degrees north; 52 and 141 degrees west respectively. Canada also has the longest land border (shared with USA) in the world.

Canada has about 31700 big lakes and two glaciers which makes it the place with the most amount of fresh water on Earth. The Canadian Rockies, The Appalachian Mountains and the Coast Mountains are the three important ranges in the country which also have many volcanically active peaks like Mounts Garibaldi, Edziza, Meager and Cayley.

The two largest and most important lakes of the country are the St. Lawrence and the Mackenzie. The former drains into the Gulf of St. Lawrence while the latter does so in the Arctic Ocean.

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