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Description: The Physical Map of Brazil showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, ocean, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Brazil Facts and Country Information...

Brazil, officially called the Federative Republic of Brazil,is the largest nation in both South and the Latin American region. It is considered the world's 5thlargest country covering a geographical area of8,515,000 km2. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on its east and has a coastline of 7,500 km. It borders all of the countries of South American except Chile and Ecuador.

Brazil covers a huge area on the eastern coast of South America. It also comprises of numerous archipelagos, namely, the Fernando de Noronha, the Rocas Atoll, the Saint Peter and the Paul Rocks. Brazil is the only nation through which the equator crosses, while it also consists of the contiguous territory outside the tropics.

The topography of Brazil is quite diverse- it includes numerous hills, mountains, plains as well as highlands, and also scrublands. Most of the Brazilian terrain lies at an average height of 500metres. The south-east region is quite rugged and has a numerous ridges and mountain ranges at a height of upto 1,200 metres above the sea level. TheMantiqueira and the EspinhaçoMountainsare some of the highest mountain ranges.

Brazil has a very dense as well as a complex river system. All the rivers of Brazil flow into the Atlantic Ocean.The major rivers of the country include the Amazon River, the Paraná River and its major tributary- the Iguaçu River.

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