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Description: Detailed large political map of Guyana showing names of capital city, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

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Situated on the northeast coast of South America and bordered by Venezuela, Brazil and Surinam, Guyana overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is well known for the multitude of rivers that flow through the country.
Georgetown its capital is truly impressive with its charming verdant boulevards and many canals lined with 19th century houses built on stilts. The country’s official language is English, although Creole, Hindi, Urdu and Amerindian dialects are also spoken.
A thick hilly forest and jungle spreads over more than 80 percent of the country and the Rupununi and Kanuku Mountains rise in the southwest near the border with Venezuela.

The coastal area offers over 300 km of coastline with beaches such as Almond Beach, Shell Beach and Saxacalli Beach amongst others.
The Kaieteur Falls are impressive waterfalls situated along the Potaro River; they are five times the height of the Niagara Falls. In this area one can also explore the Kaieteur National Park, which is situated, on the Guiana Shield, one of the world’s oldest geological formations.
The rainforests of Iwokrama with a canopy walkway and the Pakaraima Mountains in Surama is the home of the Macushi tripe, here trekking as well as wildlife observation are ideal pastimes.
All year round Guyana has a warm tropical climate, with rainfall throughout most of the year, the main seasons being December to January and May to June.

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