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Description: Physical map of Alabama showing major geographical features such as rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, topography and land formations.

Alabama State Facts and Brief Information...

Alabama is one of the states of the United States of America and is the 30th largest one. The total area taken up by the state is 135,765 square kilometers. The state lies between north latitude 32.7 degrees and west longitude 86.7 degrees.

The Cumberland Plateau occupies a lot of land near the northern border and central areas of the state. Bordering the highlands on either side, along the Tennessee River, are the rolling plains created by the river valley. The northeastern part of the state is covered in steep mountains.

The southeastern part of the state is taken up by the valley created the southern mountains of the Appalachian Mountain Range with Mouth Cheaha (the highest point). Most of the ranges run diagonally from northeast to southwest but there are a few irregularities. In the southeastern side from the valley lies the Piedmont Plateau which is a triangular tabletop land.

Majority of the large lakes like Elk Lake, Wheeler Lake, Guntersville Lake, Weiss Lake, Lewis Smith Lake and Pickwick Lake are found in the North, while smaller lakes are found in the south.

The Tennessee River drains the Cumberland Plateau, the west is watered by the Alabama River, the Appalachian Valley is watered by the Coosa River and Piedmont Plateau is watered by the Tallapoosa River. Other important rivers include the Chattahoochee River and Black Warrior River. However the Cahaba River stands out to be the longest running in the state.

Summers in Alabama are hot and humid, while winters are mild near the coast and cooler in the mountain areas.

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