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Colorado Map - Counties and Road Map of Colorado

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Description: Detailed large political map of Colorado showing cities, towns, county formations, highways such as US highways and State road routes.

Colorado State Facts and Brief Information...

Colorado is situated in the central west part of the USA and is renowned worldwide for its Rocky Mountains. This state attracts tourist all year round, with its spectacular national parks, forests, ghost towns left after the gold rush as well as Native American ruins.

Denver is Colorado’s ‘Mile High City’ capital, situated at 1,609 m above sea level, with the backdrop of the Rockies, which can be viewed from the Colorado State Capital. Denver also boasts magnificent botanical gardens, with water gardens, a Japanese garden, a rock alpine garden and a conservatory with a collection of orchids and bromeliads. Denver is the largest city within a 1000-mile radius and was once the center of the Old West.

From Denver tourists head out to the mountain and ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains, which shelter the Rocky Mountain National Park as well as the resort village of Estes park. Here one may take the Trail Ridge Road, which is one of the highest continuous highways in the USA.

The Colorado National Monument offers views of the plains, an area of amazing red rock canyons, monoliths, pillars and cliffs, while the Dinosaur National Monument in the northwest of Colorado is one of the world’s richest sites of dinosaur and reptile fossils.

The climate and temperatures in Colorado vary considerably depending on the altitude. In Denver the climate is mild and dry with over 300 days of sun a year. Summers are warm with a low humidity, while winters are cold with abundant snowfall from December to April.

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