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10 Decorating Tips To Help Sell Your Home Faster

Your home may be decorated with your style and may feel like a cozy, warm home to you, but others may not view it in the same way. 

When you are trying to sell your home, you want it to look as appealing to the potential buyers as possible. 

Achieving this goal may mean that you may have to rethink your home’s décor and do a little re-decoration. 

Follow these 10 best home staging tips to decorate your home to catch the attention of property buyers.

  • Keep the room colors basic

If you have a room in your home that has a unique style of its own, you may want to change a few things to upgrade the appearance for a better sale. 

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Now, pay attention! If you have decorated a room in your home in animal print, or in deep bold colors, you should think about toning it down a little. 

Potential buyers might be turned off by the boldness of the room, and they may no longer want to consider your home for them. 

Keep the colors and the themes of the rooms in your home to basic, simple, and conservative style. Apply the color theory basic to amp up every room in your home’s color palette.

The best colors for bedrooms are light lilac, blush pink, khaki green, ice blue, cobalt blue, pale beige, terracotta, bright white, sage green, deep marine, etc.  

  • Create light and airy design

Keep things light and airy, so that potential buyers can imagine their own style in that room or area.

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Make your home feel bright, light, and airy. Many home buyers want bright, open, and airy homes

When you lighten up your home space, it appears bigger and leaves buyers impression of ideal house quality.

Installing light chandelier at every corner of the house is perfectly fine, but buyers can turn them off as soon as they enter to see how bright the home is.

What should you do? Install larger windows, trim all trees around the house, improve all areas to varying degrees with skylights, and then, access other ways to improve natural light if it’s not enough.

  • Clear all clutter

Another tip to selling your home is to keep the rooms uncluttered. Do not leave things lying around. 

Keep books and magazines put away or on a bookshelf. Accent pieces should do just that and they should complement the décor in the room. 

Having too many accent pieces will only make the room look messy and cluttered.  This is especially true in rooms like the kitchen.  Keep the counters free of junk and clutter. 

Too much on the counters can make the room and counter space look minimal.  You want to achieve the look of a spacious room instead of a small cramped look.

  • Avoid too many furniture in a room

Do not have too much furniture in one room. Keep only the essential pieces in a room. You do not want a lot of furniture in a small room because this will make it look crowded and small. 

You want to bring focus on the floor plan of the house, and how much potential space you will have available.

Avoid the mistake of adding too many furniture pieces to a room. It makes the room look overcrowded, cluttered, and impacts the flow of space negatively.

Therefore, you should try to allow for an uninterrupted sense of flow in every room. Add a few furniture pieces like a side table and a chair in one room.

  • Remove family photographs from the walls

If you have a lot of family pictures hanging on the walls or on display, you may want to take some of them away. 

Having too many pictures of your family may also take away from the illusion of the potential buying thinking of themselves in that house.

Buyers should be able to envisage themselves and family living in the house as they entered, therefore, leaving your own family photographs on the walls can shatter the illusion.

Note that if you are taking pictures off the way, you should make sure that you fill in all the nail holes and repaint.

It is important that you do this because it’ a big selling point. No matter how beautiful your home looks, allowing buyers to come across your own family pictures while they look around can discourage them from making an offer.

  • Give your home a deep clean

Make sure that the house is cleaned up, and you may want to think about having the carpets cleaned. 

As a matter of fact, when people are looking at a home to buy, they want to purchase a home where clean people have lived. 

They do not want to buy a home where there may be dirt and grime either on the surface or underneath in hidden areas. 

Therefore, ensure to clean every area and corner of your home before showings. Get the basic cleaning supplies and do the cleaning yourself.

Clean all appliances, sliders, windows, and blinds inside out. Also, clean the floors, fittings, sinks, grout, ceiling lines, tables, chairs, cupboards, and even hidden corners.

Do not forget outside of the house. Power wash the walkway, driveway, and all the exterior parts of your home to keep it sparkling.

  • Replace all outdated fixtures/fittings

Before deciding to sell your home, go through each room, and see where you need to update anything. 

If you have anything that is outdated, you may want to replace it with something newer and improved. 

Things that you can look at are paint, medicine cabinets, lighting fixtures, faucets, floor coverings, and even the plumbing or electrical work in the house. 

The more that you can update now means the more money you can ask for when you’re selling your home. 

Upgrade old-fashioned fixtures and fittings in your home before selling. This can improve the property worth a great deal.

Replace bathtub, vanity, old shower doors, sink, and/or other fixtures, or remove them altogether. Hang fresh artworks or wallpapers.

  • Remove pets during showings

Keep the pets hidden when people come over to view your home. If you are trying to sell your home, you do not want to let the potential buyers know that you have pets in the house. 

Take them out of the house with you when you are showing the property to buyers, and make sure that the house is free of any pet odors. 

A potential property buyer can possibly pass on a home because of a strong odor. So, clean the carpets; spray room deodorizer, or have candles lit when potential buyers come over.

Alternatively, you can relocate the pets to a friend or family member who’s comfortable with animals.

Whichever way, try as much to remove pets. Repair the damages they cause in order to show and sell your home easily. 

  • Install a garage storage system

While focusing on home decorating tips to help you sell your home, consider installing a garage storage system. It is one of the right features that impress buyers a great deal.

Providing what home buyers want can help you sell your home successfully. Garage storage or cabinet system I one of the strong seller’s market.

Although you can still count on homebuyers without the necessary upgrade, there can be multiple gains from the upgrade you made before selling your home.

There are ranges of garage storage you can choose from. Buyers would love to see that they have designed a portion for the storage of motor vehicles, which permits also for temporary parking.

  • Exterior lightings

Install lighting fixtures outside of your house to improve the illumination of the outdoor, keep the building sparkling even in the dark, and as well catch the attention of property buyers.

If you are opting for solar light, you can do this yourself without spending much. Spruce up your home with external lightings.

External lights also serve for security purpose, which is paramount for every resident. In addition to the essence of outdoor lights mentioned above, it improves the aesthetics of the areas hence making it attractive.

Add light to the front door, garage exterior, garden, and landscape. Patio/deck lighting is also important, as others which include walkway lighting, porch lighting, outdoor staircase, railing lighting, and other exterior parts of the house.

Final Words

Putting a few dollars in your home now may mean that you can get double that when your house is sold. 

The truth behind upgrading your property is that it’ll add value to your home. Give your home a pre-showing facelift and attract increased property value worth from potential buyers.

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