Antigua Travel Tips And Vacation

Antigua Travel Tips And Vacation
Antigua Travel Tips And Vacation

Antigua is a steamy heaven situated in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, by means of chilly trade storms making sure that the weather is just right meant for the sailing actions which top class category together in Caribbean and the world every year.

Antigua is one of the best vacation destinations in the world with outstanding beaches, lodge, private lodging, a lively culture, brilliant restaurants and nightlife plus a vast variety of tours and pleasuring trip.

The loveliness of the land mass is in its natural, nonviolent lifestyle – it is not for guests who are in search of nightlife or amusement – it is a destination to calm down, hold up, and build your own.

  • Expect everyday expenditure

Everyday expenditure is an inescapable feature of any holiday. Despite the fact that thoughts about your finances may not be as thrilling as viewing the fact of enjoying day of scuba diving, it is essential to think operating cost for example accommodations, restaurants, and transport.

At the same time these stuff symbolize a vacation’s three main expenses; it is in addition a vital issue in lesser every day expenses for instance taxes, shopping, and travel around.

  • Decide your lodging

One of the vital features of scheduling your tour to Antigua is deciding your lodgings. Make a decision where you wished to reside on the island, what time you wish to visit and the types of facilities you wish every affect the price of your accommodation alternatives.

Traveler can get lodgings that variety from small holiday home and visitor houses to comfortable wide-ranging hotels.

  • Be prepared for shopping

Shopping is a preferred activity of lots of travelers, and explorers will locate sufficient chance to travel around shops and local sellers as they go ashore as of their cruise ship or get a break as of tanning on the seashore.

  • Expect to pay tax

Worldwide guests to Antigua who stay meant for extra 24 hours are necessary to give an exit tax of $20(USD) as they go away from the island.

Be certain to ensure by means of your airline to make sure that this charge is not integrated in your airfare.

Eating place will include a 7 percent government duty and 10 to 15 percent service fee, whereas hotels will more often than not include an 8.5 percent government tax.

Finances possibly the smallest amount thrilling part of scheduling your tour, other than if done cleverly, can have an effect on a trip unsupplied with financial uncertainties.

  • The use of currency in Antigua

US dollar is widely accepted and used in the island of Antigua. This does not mean however that it is the commonest used currency.

The Eastern Caribbean dollar, the currency used by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, is the most widely acceptable currency in Antigua.

The US dollar and the Eastern Caribbean dollar share the same dollar symbol ‘$’. The only difference is that they do not share the same price tag for products and services.

US dollar has just USD while Eastern Caribbean dollar is listed with XCD. Before making any payment, it is very important to confirm the present exchange rate.

Travelers to Antigua are encouraged to bring their US dollars with them but they can withdraw Eastern Caribbean dollar so as to make their daily spending at the local market.

Local businesses collect USD but they issue change usually with Eastern Caribbean dollar. ATMs offer XCD and to ensure a more reliable ATM use, St John’s supermarket ATM is encouraged to be used.

  • Experience Barbuda

Antigua’s neighboring island is Barbuda. Barbuda has very unique locations that you can catch up with the use of a boat.

It is generally known for its wildlife and landscapes. This place is popular for its caves, exotic birds, white and pink sand as well as wild deer among others.

Boats leave from St. John’s harbor 6 days in a week with Wednesdays been days for charter to Barbuda. From Antigua, it takes a 20 minutes flight or one and half hour boat trip to get to Barbuda.

  • Antigua’s best visiting period

The best season to visit Antigua in terms of weather is within the month of December to April also called the high season. Antigua has more people visiting at this period because the weather is usually very favorable.

From the month of June to November is Antigua’s rainy season. The months of September and October are the hurricane season of Antigua and the price of travelling to Antigua is quite lower.

Generally, the best time to visit Antigua is in the month of May. This is because it is after the high season and the place is quiet and will have rain drops in just a few days.

  • Language used in Antigua

The official language in Antigua is English. However, some locals speak Spanish while many others speak Patois. Many other locals also speak the Antiguan Creole.

  • Socializing in Antigua

Before engaging in any conversation, salutations are usually required to show good manners. Such salutations are good morning or good evening as the case may be.

On spotting relatives or close friends, a hug is common. Handshakes are commonly given for acquaintances.

Gifts like flowers etc. are generally received while friends easily visit unannounced, it is proper for visitors to wait for invitation.

Antigua is usually warm so, the dress code is commonly informal except on formal occasions. Revealing cloths are usually seen as offence. Camouflage is commonly not allowed too.

  • Explore the beaches

Antigua has 365 beaches. It is usually common to say that there is one beach for every day of the year.

The beaches are quite incredible. The beaches are also not private, which means that, everyone has access to the beach at all times.

The coastline encourages a wide range of water sports like snorkeling and lots more. Most resorts in the island have their beaches around and this can be very convenient.

Hiking to the beach can be a lot more fun than you can imagine. Some of the most popular beaches are hawksbill beach, runaway bay and lots more.

Even though the beaches are free, the beach amenities are not free. Beach umbrellas and chairs are totally not free. Meals can be taken at restaurants at the beach sides.

  • Rent a car

Just like many other islands, they are a wide range of places to visit when you travel to Antigua. Visiting these places will be favorable and cost effective if you rent a car.

You can spend time when and where you wish to. The car rental should cover the period of your stay in the island.

No matter how much you enjoy public transport, renting a car on your vacation or travel to Antigua is the best you can do.

  • Check out the visa situation

Visitors from Great Britain and US do not require a visa to come to Antigua. That notwithstanding, it is pertinent to inquire about the dates in which the visa entry is required before visiting.

Some of the most exciting places and things to do in Antigua include; visiting sheer rocks restaurant, floating bar, donkey sanctuary. Sunset cruise, stingray city, kite surfing, zip lining, mangroves tour, fort James, pink church, devils bridge, signal hill hike, climb mount Obama- Boggy peak, Shirley heights, scuba diving, English harbor etc.

Bottom line

Cautious planning will allow you put the boot in back and take pleasure in entertaining in the Antiguan sun.

So, before deciding a destination for a perfect vacation one should aware with all the aspects of that place.

Making a decision about a holiday with your family you should be little quick so that you can get your first choice booking of accommodation and flights. You can relax seating nearby the beautiful beaches of Antigua and take rest.