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12 Effective Ways to use Music to Grow Yourself

Music is life! Most true because it is one of the things that can give meaning to life and everything in it. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything,” – Plato.

Music generally improves our life’s quality by eliminating those bad emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, loneliness. Thus, replacing them with good emotions like joy, love, courage, happiness.

Irrespective of one’s race, religion, age, health condition, etc., music gives us all an inner peace and brings us all together as one.

Here are 12 effective ways music can help us grow

  1. Control your mood with music
  2. Allow the music to improve your self-confidence
  3. Let music boost your self-esteem
  4. Let it inspire you
  5. Work with music on
  6. Listen to music and sleep better
  7. Let music to take away your pain
  8. Find and grow your love with music
  9. Be a better person with music
  10. Music can help you remember better
  11. Improves your health with music
  12. Make your life better with music
  1. Control your mood with music

Listening to the right kind of music can help in changing our mood. Factually, music has a soothing effect and makes us relaxed.

Also, it has the ability to release norepinephrine by the brain which helps to increase alertness and energy. Music also releases the hormone – dopamine which is known as the hormone of happiness and does a lot in making our mood better.

When you listen to music, it eliminates the bad emotions and replaces them with the good ones, and makes you feel better.

This is why music can serve as a therapy to some illness and health conditions such as depression, and can generally improve the quality of life.

  1. Let music to improve your self-confidence

Enhancing our self-confidence is one of the ways music can help improve us. Most of the time, we lose confidence in ourselves, limiting our abilities which can make us perform badly.

However, listening to music can give you the strength to develop your abilities, improve your social and creative skills.

It makes you believe in what you do and allows you to express yourself through things.

  1. Let music boost your self-esteem

A strong, positive self-image is associated with high self-esteem. Therefore, the pieces of music that we listen to can either help improve our esteem or reduce it.

Music holds a strong power which has a way of transforming us to become better. For this reason, when we listen to it, sing it or play it, we boost self-esteem.

For one who is depressed, music can help erase fear and make you develop self-love which will help you improve your overall mood and make you believe in yourself.

  1. Let it inspire you

When we are inspired, we are motivated to become better, do better and believe ourselves, irrespective of what we might be facing.

Music is one way you can get inspired. It is so powerful that it can get through everything.

It can inspire a writer to be his/her best. On the other hand, it can inspire a student to do his/her homework, an artist to be creative and lots more.

When it comes to inspiration, there is nothing that inspires like music.

  1. Work with music on

You can make your work more productive by listening to music. It goes either at the office or home, as it produces a source of energy, thereby making you feel less tired.

Studies show that music can help improve efficiency (speed and accuracy). Though it depends on the kind of music you listen to anyway.

Research by Dr. Lesiuk proved that those who tend to listen to music while working have an increase in productivity. Also, they work faster and perform better than those that don’t.

Music cannot only help you grow but also improve your work/career.

  1. Listen to music and sleep better

Music is a therapy that can make us sleep better without any negative side effects.

Listening to soothing music releases the melatonin, which is known as the hormone for sleep, released by the brain as a sign that it is time to sleep.

Therefore, music makes the body calm and prepares it for sleep, and this is why music is regarded as a “sleep enhancer”.

  1. Let the music take away your pain

Nothing good comes out from pain. Most times when we are in pain, no matter how much we take pain relievers, we may still not be eventually relieved and the effects are usually short-termed.

Music is a strong pain reliever to the soul and mind. It takes away all the sorrow and sadness that cause us pain, it heals the brokenhearted and sweeps all the pain away with its soothing effect.

Listening to music has been studied to improve our tolerance levels which have huge control over pain.

  1. Find and grow your love with music

Music grows our love. When we listen to music with romantic words, it makes us fall in love. For those already in love, it refreshes and rekindles their love.

Music is one way that we can express our love, and make the emotions visible through our feelings. It helps to grow our emotional being, making us have positive feelings towards others.

  1. Be a better person with music

Have you ever wondered why your heart feel soften all of a sudden when you listen to music? This is because music has a way of piercing through the heart, making you absorb the soothing and healing effect it brings.

In turn, makes you more compassionate, loving, and heal you from inside out.

The lyrics of the music we listen to can talk to us indirectly, it can give hope to the hopeless, mend the brokenhearted and even reduce crime such as suicide.

  1. Music can help you remember better

Music is words with tune and lyrics. The tunes are what differences it with spoken or written words.

But have you ever wondered why people tend to remember things easily when words are converted to song/music? Why kids are preferred being taught with songs that with written words?

This is not about the entertainment it provides, or how agile or active it makes them, but because people tend to remember better with songs.

Music acts as a “chunk”, it provides a platform for the lyrics to be grouped into a piece of information and stored in the memory, making songs/music easier to remember than written or spoken words.

In other words, music can help improve our memory and create a lasting effect. Such memories are long-lasting such that they can’t be erased by anything.

Once we know them, they are forever registered in our minds, we can sing them because we have already memorized them.

For example; it’s easier for students to remember the continents of the world when they sing it, so music helps us remember, it boosts our reasoning.

  1. improve your health with music

There is no way we can go grow when we are handicapped by sickness, emotional trauma, and other challenges that limit us.

We can only grow when we are healthy; just as we eat to grow to improve physically and health-wise, music is a food to the soul and makes us heal from the inside to the outside.

Listening to music may improve the functions of the immune as it has a way of making the body’s stress hormone (cortisol) low, reduce blood pressure and the heart rate.

Many studies have been put to this effect and there was a positive result. Patients who had surgery were found to have a positive post-surgery result when they listen to music.

In the cause of stroke patients, listening to music was found to lessen confusion, have a better memory of spoken words, and be more focused.

So music doesn’t only heal the soul, it also heals the body.

  1. Make your life better with music

Sometimes, I do wonder what LIFE would have been without MUSIC. Music is not just for entertainment, but it helps in improving our overall wellbeing. The benefits extend from the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and intellectual capabilities.

When we embrace music as a lifestyle, we tend to surround our being to it, allowing its aura to refresh us and make our life better and meaningful.


Finally, living a life soaked with music will leave us drenched with love, kindness, confidence, warm heart, compassion, and every other kind of positive emotion you can think of.

Music helps us grow and no amount of it is too much, it is one of the few addictions that yield positive results. No wonder Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

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