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14 Kitchen Improvement Ideas you can apply to Perfect Your Kitchen

A kitchen should be a place you cherish and enjoy. It shouldn’t be tolerated, that is why kitchen improvement will be perfect to apply. Since the kitchen also serves as the heart of the house.

A kitchen design shows the personality of the individual using it. The way kitchen space is managed actually exhibits your level of creativity.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is new or old. It doesn’t also matter if there’s enough space or not. These kitchen improvement ideas will give you a perfect kitchen.

  1. Change your lighting

The lighting in the kitchen tells a lot about the kitchen. It gives the kitchen a total facelift. The right king of lighting can make your kitchen stand out.

Pendant lights or chandeliers are the best choices for a perfect kitchen. They change the mood of the kitchen and also brighten the kitchen.

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A dim kitchen can be a result of poor set of lighting. Change the dim lights and replace them with a variety of beautiful ones.

  1. Update your appliances

Most times, the appliances in the kitchen can be overly outdated. They can have a look that makes the kitchen shabby.

An aspect of upgrading the kitchen is making your appliance look modern. You can either buy new appliances or recolor the old ones.

Most faded colored appliances need to be changed. You can paint those appliances. For instance, instead of trashing out your faded colored cooker, repaint it.

A stainless colored paint is not a bad idea. It makes the appliance look more shinny and it’s easy to clean up.

  1. Repaint your walls with bright colors
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When planning on repainting the kitchen wall, consider colors of other items in the kitchen. To make the kitchen perfect, paint with uniform colors.

If the fridge is white, try painting the wall white too. This will bring out the glow in the kitchen. Bright colors remove dullness from the kitchen space. It makes it look unique and big. Bright colors hide scratches and dents.

A fresh paint changes the look of any room and the kitchen is no exception. Consider repainting the kitchen walls and furniture to give it a total facelift.

  1. Create floating shelves

To make your kitchen spacious, try installing floating shelves. These shelves can be used in storing dishes and containers.

It makes the kitchen more organized and comfortable. Instead of dropping pots and pans around, hang or put them in a floating shelf.

Consider the height of the kitchen before creating a floating shelf. If the ceiling is high, then you can create more of the shelves.

Mind you that a high shelve makes it difficult to get things from them. So, if it’s too high, then you get a ladder handy for easy access.

  1. Add patterns to your kitchen

You can add a wallpaper or/and a rug to your kitchen. This will make your kitchen cozy and also boost your personality.

Even if the kitchen is small, wallpaper and rug with linking colors make it perfect. You can choose floral wallpaper with colors similar to furniture or appliances in the kitchen.

  1. Create focal points

You can think of an inspiring thing to make your kitchen look catchy. You can create a cabinet without a front.

Arrange your plates and bowls colorfully in the open cabinet. You can attach a hook beneath the shelf to hang your mugs.

You can show off a particular thing to improve the kitchens look.

  1. Replace worn-out faucets and cabinet doors

Replacing old stuff can be expensive but for a perfect kitchen, it’s necessary. Instead of buying double handle faucets, go for single handle ones. This way you save up some cash while getting what you want.

Old cabinet doors should also be replaced to give the kitchen a superb look. Wooden cabinet doors can be replaced with glass doors.

You can leave some doors open to show off the things in the cabinet. This way, you get rid of the old door without replacement.

  1. Hide clutters

Most times, small appliances used in the kitchen form clutter around the kitchen. Clutter makes the kitchen look untidy.

The best way to handle these clutters is to hide them. You can store coffee pots, mixers, etc. in a cupboard. They can be easily brought out when needed.

  1. Consider artworks

Some property owners won’t permit their tenants to change certain things. In this case and more, artwork should be used to beautify your kitchen.

Bold artworks make any room look bigger than usual. It elevates the kitchen and gives it a beautiful look. Consider using artworks to improve your kitchen.

  1. Conceal worn out countertops

An ugly looking countertop can make the entire kitchen look ugly too. To get rid of the worn-out look, try covering the countertop.

If you cannot change the countertop, get a cutting board to cover the old one. You can consider painting the countertop. Giving it new paint can make it look new.

Alternatively, you can use anything else to cover the countertop. Or you can replace with a cheaper one.

The whole aim of concealing the ugly looking countertop is to improve the kitchen’s look.

  1. Acquire a quality dish rack

Quality items last longer than cheap ones and a dish rack is no exception. Quality dish rack saves you the stress and money of continuously buying a new rack.

What’s more important? A quality dish rack makes your kitchen look classy. It changes the entire kitchen into an improved perfect one. It’s also reliable.

  1. Arrange the kitchen tactically

The tactics used in arranging things in the kitchen makes it cozier. The best plan in a strategically organized kitchen is to organize things by color.

If everything is arranged in accordance with their colors, it will make the kitchen colorful. Dishes and mugs having similar colors should be organized in the same place.

Also, every single space in the kitchen should be utilized. You can install rods beside the cabinet to use them in hanging pans and tools.

  1. Go for bareback stools

To create more space in your kitchen, your dining chairs should be bareback stools. Stools with no backs can be easily slipped under the table after use.

The stools color should also blend with the kitchen to make the room full. Going for stools with arms will make the kitchen stuffy.

  1. Overlook the window

Having as many windows as possible in the kitchen makes it comfortable. More so, facing the window while working in the kitchen makes you enjoy your kitchen.

Overlooking the window pops in light into the kitchen and an airy kitchen is fun.


The kitchen improvement ideas listed above make a perfect kitchen. Follow them up and begin to enjoy your kitchen.

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