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14 Unique Gifts to Get for Women in Your Life

When you want to give something unique to the special lady in your life, why not give them unusual gifts for women? The usual chocolates, perfumes, and roses are every day. When you give unique gifts (for women), you show them your appreciation and love. Of course, sometimes the gifts can set you back by a couple of hundred dollars, but if your lady likes them, they are worth the money you have spent.

1. Crystal desk accessories set

Career women would appreciate this gift. It sets her apart from her office colleagues. Every time she picks up the stapler, it reminds her of you. Now, that is some way to shine into your women’s hearts. The sets start from 150 onwards. Choose the colors or order the collections online.

·   New iPod cases and key chains

 Adorn her iPod with luxurious leather cases from high-end brands such as Aigner. Gift her superior leather and suede iPod cases that can keep her iPod free from scratch resistance and make it stylish. This way, you will always be music to her ears. Or how about a studded Swarovski studded iPod case? Let her bling and shine through her music.

The iPod cases come with clip attachments that can easily fit your trousers. Along with the iPod, you can also include a key chain to complete the set. These sets are expensive and start at around 250.

·   Potpourri and towel set

Women like to receive unique gifts. You can gift your special lady a potpourri and a towel set for this. With different fragrances, they sure can set the mood for something unique. Moreover, you can offer essential oils as a gift. These aromatic oils, such as jasmine and lavender, come in various perfumes and are soothing on the nerves. They help to calm down the frayed nerves as well.

Monogrammed towels and bathrobe sets are also excellent gifts for women. Gift her a unique Egyptian cotton towel set that will make her feel luxurious. Why not gift her a towel set and see her blush? It can sure turn your sex life into a heady one.

·   Wine holder plates

These wine holder plates are a creative idea for a small party where you can hold your plate and the wine glass in the same hand instead of having them in two hands. Leaving your other hand free for other naughty pursuits, surely the hostess would greatly appreciate such unique gifts for women. Monogrammed and picture mugs are rare, but they give a great message to the women you love.

·   Wine subscription box

This gift is stylish, although it is not one-of-a-kind. Rather than opting for the conventional choice of gifting a bottle of wine, consider pulling a surprise with the unique present of a wine subscription box. At least she has to select her choice of wine depending on how long the subscription lasts, or you can extend it.

·   Makeup subscription box

What woman wouldn’t love that? An excellent supply of makeup packages with which she can choose her preferences. Not only that, she doesn’t have to worry about how to get them as they will arrive at her doorstep every month. Any woman that you gift this unique item will always appreciate you.

·   Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

It is the right choice of gift to give to her. A temperature-controlled ceramic mug would be more highly appreciated than an ordinary cup. With this, she can control or create a fixed temperature for her favorite beverage or drink. Not only that, but she can also personalize her LED color. She takes a cup of coffee or tea without thinking about it being too hot or cold until the last sip is too cool.

·   A calming lavender heat pillow

Women are unique, so they deserve a special gift like this. Don’t stress yourself if you are wondering what to get her. This heat pillow can be an excellent gift for your wife, daughter, mother, or any other woman.

It is an excellent way of relaxing at home rather than visiting the spa for every little therapy, and so on; the pillow has lavender and barley. You must microwave it for at least a few minutes to provide warmth and a pleasant fragrance with long-lasting effects.

·   A Smart indoor garden

Do you want something unique for her? Then, try something different. Getting her an intelligent indoor garden would be excellent. With this gift, she doesn’t need to worry about whether the plants grow.

Or even on how to control pests or carry them about. There is no need for all of this with an innovative indoor garden. The innovative garden grows by itself, cares for itself, is portable and light, and can eventually grow any indoor flowers, herbs, and vegetables. What more can she ask for when she has this unique gift?

1. Simulation alarm clock

It is a thoughtful gift, and I bet she would love it. Instead of being jerked out of bed by a noisy alarm, which could be irritating sometimes, a simulation alarm clock can do better. Despite its ability to awaken you like an alarm clock, it typically is less bothersome than other electronic alarm devices.

The rising sun awakens the clock, and it follows suit. It begins operating slowly and consistently and is sufficiently loud to rouse anyone. Who wouldn’t love this unique gift – she will even have a choice of music if she wants to.

1. An automatic handbag illuminator

Women love fancy and cozy gifts, so try this if you want to surprise them with one. We all know women love bags, any gear, and this can help them easily find what they are looking for, especially when it’s getting dark. It lights when the hand is closed and comes in different sizes and designs. And why would she empty her bag again to find a key or phone when she has this beautiful gift to light her?

1. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

This device is unique. Wi-Fi connects it and lights it up by touch. And the more amazing thing is that it automatically lights up with every other similar lamp connected to it, no matter how far apart they are. They glow at the same pace, and it’s such a wonderful gift for lovers. At least she will know you think of her as the light illuminates.

1. Homesick Candles

Anyone homesick will surely love this as a gift. It provides soothing relief and releases a fragrance that can tap into one’s memory to make them remember where they grew up.

It merely works by adding a city scent to the candle, which is why there are varieties like Texas homesick candles, Florida homesick candles, Ohio homesick candles, and more. It smells like home and can make one even feel at home when she is not. So, is she missing home? Give her homesick candles – she can’t get a more suitable gift than this.

1. Hairbrella Rain Hat

She couldn’t carry umbrellas around with this unique gift because it’s more comfortable and convenient. You can use it in the rain and the sun; it protects the hair and makeup well, as it comes with a visor. She will love this gift, and it is perfect for women, as it shields what they cherish most – their face and hair.

The above gift ideas are fantastic; regardless of age, they will appreciate it more than anything. Women love gifts; giving them a unique one will make them never forget you.

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