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Women’s Laptop Bag: What to consider when buying one

With more and more women zooming up the corporate ladder and traveling, too, the women’s laptop bag has become a necessity. But these bags need not be the boring old black and tan laptops.

In fact, with a whole new range of colors and materials available, women can make a fashion statement with their laptop bags during the presentation in any meeting.

So, are you considering getting a laptop bag either for yourself or someone else as a gift? Here are what to consider before buying one;

1. Convenience

No one would like to carry a heavy bag or one that looks like a travel suitcase. Most women’s laptop bags are more convenient than men’s; in most cases, you can even mistake them for an ordinary handbag, although it also serves the same purpose. They also come with a back pocket that can easily accommodate all the files working women need.

The women’s laptop bag fits the laptop and all other essential elements such as loose change, a change of clothes, zipper and pen pockets, and compartments for lipsticks, etc. While moving with your laptop, there is no need to go with an extra bag because the laptop bag serves all these purposes.

 2. Fashionable

Women’s laptop bags are more fashionable than you can imagine, as they come in various stylish designs. Because it is a laptop bag, that doesn’t mean it should look unattractive, and its different designs provide an excellent option for anyone to choose her taste.

While some look like a designer’s travel handbag, some look like a classy backpack and other elegant designs. To add to the fashion and design, some come with an extra purse or wallet, an adorable teddy bear, or a soft pom-pom puffball. Some laptop bags are quilted and have embedded sequins to make a great fashion statement.

3. Quality

Quality is another thing to look out for when buying a laptop bag. Only be deceived by the designs and attractive gifts if you care about short-term use. Also, quality doesn’t mean quantity; we usually try to choose the most massive leather bag, thinking that is where quality lies.

The quality could be better, and light leather bags last much longer than heavy-leathered loads. The material is one of many things to check; also, look at the stitches and zipper and feel other areas in the laptop bag, such as the padding and pockets. Quality is one thing everyone looks out for when buying anything new, and buying a laptop bag won’t make a difference.

4. Color

It may not be so important to some, but to those that it matters to, it’s one of the factors to consider as well when buying a laptop bag. A laptop bag can be what you carry every day; indeed, if it is, you can’t have a matching color for your entire outfit.

And that is why you must choose a color that can blend into most of your outfits; as we know, women love matching accessories. But if you are unsure which color is appropriate, you can choose neutral colors such as ash, brown, black, or even dark blue, as they easily blend with other colors.

 5. Size

You need to determine the laptop size before buying a women’s laptop bag at a mall. Choosing a size is an essential factor that you have to do so that you can handle situations where the laptop bag is either too small or too big.

Because when the sizes go wrong, the purpose of buying the laptop bag becomes void. One thing to do is consider the laptop size first, especially if you are not buying a laptop bag of your laptop’s model.

And you only don’t have to worry about the sizing if the laptop bag states the model it works for. Having the correct laptop bag size makes you comfortable and relieves the stress of adjusting your laptop every time.

  6. Tote

Another variation for the women’s laptop bag is the laptop tote. It is designed just like the tote bag and has separate shoulder straps. It has an entire zipper compartment and can easily accommodate your laptop, files, and other miscellaneous things.

They also have comfortable padded handles and drawstrings. They look just like tote bags that many women like to carry. Ensure the straps are good enough to protect your shoulder, back, and spine.

 7.  Material

The laptop bag’s material is also made of matter, as other factors do. Various materials for women’s laptop bags are available, including leather, ballistic nylon, polyester, and a combination of nylon and natural fibers known as Cordura.

But from observation, most women prefer a leather laptop bag as they are sturdy and come in several finishes and colors. As women prefer colorful options, these laptop bags are available in various choices with patterns like tartan and quilted designs. 

 8 .  Purpose

We all carry laptop bags for different reasons: for work, studies, pleasure, and so on. Therefore, knowing the purpose of carrying the laptop around will make it easier to choose the right bag.

For example,

· The backpack laptop bag will be more suitable for a student or one who rides a bike often.    

· An excellent solution for individuals regularly encountering numerous surfaces, especially while traveling on a congested bus, is opting for a laptop that includes padding.        

· A waterproof laptop bag will protect against rain if you usually trek home. It doesn’t mean anyone can’t use the bags mentioned above. But knowing your daily activities will make you choose appropriately, as only some laptop bags come with these benefits. Therefore, find a suitable laptop bag that suits your needs for convenience.

9 . Safety

Finally, there are women’s laptop bags that are airport security-friendly.These laptop bags have been tested and approved for TSA guidelines for onboard luggage.  Polyester, a rigid material, is used for making these bags.

Several compartments are available to conveniently store papers, PDAs, cell phones, and other small items. The women’s laptop bags usually come with inner and outer water repellant finish, so your laptop is well-protected against moisture, making it less susceptible to wear and tear.

10. Warranty

Not all laptop bags come with a warranty. So if you are interested in it, then choose wisely. Your laptop is one of many things that need protecting; you must also save your laptop bags. And that is what a warranty does. It is essential to have the capability of acquiring a brand new one in case any problems occur that fall under the warranty.

11. More laptop bag options

Those who prefer to avoid carrying their laptops on their backs or shoulders can also use the rolling women’s laptop bag. Essentially, they come with wheels and handles to pull along as they travel from one destination to another.

They are convenient and great for those aching and sore shoulder and back muscles. They are more expensive than regular laptop bags, which usually start at 200. They have a tremendous amount of space and enough pockets to carry stuff for the day trip.

In conclusion, this article has provided you with what to look for when buying a laptop bag. It will make choosing a laptop bag that suits your needs and tastes easier without compromising the quality. And above all, so that it will give you the comfort that you need.


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