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6 Tips To Develop Top MLM Best Practices

As a network marketing distributor, it is always important to keep abreast of the current best practices to ensure on-going business and growth.

Here are the 6 best practices that many top MLM leaders are using to successfully build their businesses.

1. Always have an advertising budget whether you are marketing online, offline, or doing a combination of both.

Advertising is essential to your business life and growth. Stick to your budget for a year so that you will have on-going momentum.

At the end of the year, evaluate how you have done, and make adjustments as needed.

2. Keep in contact with your team. You can touch base with them on a regular basis by phone or by email.

This is an important best practice strategy to implement, especially for those on your team who are serious team builders.

Your team members joined, hopefully, because they know, like, and trust you. This doesn’t stop after they join you, so keep in close contact.

Once your team grows, you likely will not be able to talk and work with everyone 1:1.

However, you can still work closely with your top leaders and teach them how to work with their people. This ensures strong support throughout the team.

3. Be consistent with lead generation. As a network marketing distributor, having a constant influx of interested prospects in your pipeline is necessary.

It is also important to make sure that the system you use to attract prospects is duplicatable. In other words, it should be so simple that a veteran or someone just starting out can use it successfully.

4. Build leaders and make them successful. You want to hear from your business builders, “I’ll do whatever it takes”, and not “Well, I’ll just try and give it a shot.”

The second response usually means if things don’t work out for the person, they very well may quit.

Leaders also make sure their distributors order products. They never complain to their upline or downline and have their own aspirations, goals, and drams.

True leaders also will run a meeting if you are away. You want to build leaders with strengths such as these on your team.

5. Have a written plan. As a professional network marketing distributor, always write out your plan and how you desire to achieve your goals.

Do this on a weekly basis, work it, and then review it at the end of the week. If you are not satisfied with how things turned out, make adjustments for the following week.

6. Discover the marketing practice that works best for you and become really good at it. This may be article writing, blogging, creating online videos, e-zine advertising, etc.

If you are not sure what you want to do, implement what is working for others until you find what works best for you.

Bottom Line

Becoming a successful network marketing distributor and leader does involve following the best practices others are using with great success.

Study them, implement them consistently, and watch your business experience on-going growth.

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