The Best Anti-Aging Remedies

The Best Anti-Aging Remedies
The Best Anti-Aging Remedies

Before we look into anti-aging remedies we have to determine exactly what these propose to do. Remedies against the inevitable aging process of the body will either, slow down this process, stop it completely or ever reverse the process of aging in the body.

The most commonly used elements and agents to help fight against the aging of the body both inside and externally are antioxidants, hormones and other similar preventive elements to aid the slowing down of age.

Hormones are taken to achieve a specific effect on the bodys tissues and amongst the hormones used for anti-aging the following are often found to have positive effects: growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, melatonin and DHEA.

These hormones are those popularly used as endocrines and injected into the body’s system.

There effects on the body or multiple, as they will enhance help with the immune system, body stamina, help build muscle mass as opposed to fat, eliminate cellulite, and improve memory.

DHEA already exists in the body under the form of testosterone and estrogen, helping to improve energy levels; muscle mass, improves the immunity system, the libido, and also helps burn up fat tissue.

You can find antioxidants in their natural form when you consume foods with high concentrations of Vitamin C and E, carotene, and co-enzymes dismutase and superoxide.

These elements will aid in reducing the aging process of the body by destroying all harmful molecules. You can find these elements naturally in fruits and vegetables and even naturally in the body, although with age the body gets lazier and will slow down the production of these essential elements.

Antioxidants are definitely the best solution if you wish to slow down all problems related to age. They will work to avoid macular degeneration, heart disease, and cancer as well as other organ-related diseases.

Other ways to slow down or stop the aging process are magnets, fresh water as well as light emitting tools, which are the most popular alternative methods.

More external remedies for our aging skin and hair are hair dyes, dermabrasion, laser, resurfacing and cosmetic surgery.

Some good habits we can acquire to help slow down aging is to stop smoking, exercise regularly, make sure your diet is well-balanced, and keep your skin clean and moisturized by drinking water and applying moisturizer.

It is essential to use a facial cream that uses sunscreen as this will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and avoid diseases such as skin cancer and dark spots.

Anti-aging is not just about how you look and how supple and taught your skin may appear, it is also about inner health and avoiding diseases that can result from an aging body.

It is advisable to carry out an anti-aging treatment plan such as hormone replacement therapies, anti-oxidant analysis, and supplementation, or again DNA repair will help you fight against diseases and the onset of old age.

Be careful when using anti-aging supplements as not all of these have been exhaustively tested and may cause unpleasant side effects.