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A Beautiful Woman Is A Woman Who

How can one really define what a beautiful woman is?  There are so many definitions that can be given to a beautiful woman, and one of them is a beautiful woman is a woman who has a beautiful face and a beautiful body. 

But is that all we see in a beautiful woman?  A gorgeous face and a gorgeous body?  What about her inner beauty?  Does that not count as beauty?

A beautiful woman is not just about being beautiful on the outside.  In fact, she should be beautiful both on the outside as well as the inside, most especially the inner beauty.

A beautiful woman is a woman who is confident.

No amount of beauty products or beauty supplies can make a woman beautiful if she has no confidence.  This is what a beautiful woman has.

She has confidence in herself, and she carries herself in a way that tells the world that she respects herself.  This is her natural beauty, her being confident in who she is and what she is capable of doing.

A beautiful woman is a woman who is strong.

This is what attracts a lot of men to beautiful women.  Men will still find the damsel in distress cute in some ways, but if a woman is always acting the damsel in distress, it can get too boring for a guy. 

But a beautiful woman shows that she can manage on her own.  She is just as capable as doing something that a man can do and yet still retain her feminity, and this is what makes her beautiful.  She cannot be stereotyped.

A beautiful woman is a woman who is serene.

A beautiful woman does not rant and rave.  She leaves that to those who cannot control themselves.  A beautiful woman is poised, and she does not throw tantrums to get her way. 

She can stand up for herself and voice her thoughts out loud without being too argumentative.  She gets her way without being causing a scene.

A beautiful woman is a woman who knows what she wants.

She knows what she wants and she knows how to get what she wants.  She does not need a man to lean on as she can easily support herself.

Lastly, a beautiful woman is a woman who is gentle.  Even though she is all these above, she is still a woman after all.  She needs to be loved and give love in return with all the gentleness that she has.

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