A Review Of Forex Trading Strategies

A Review Of Forex Trading Strategies
A Review Of Forex Trading Strategies

When it comes to the validity of a review of Forex trading strategies, there always needs to be a manner of discretion provided when reading the reviews.

This goes for both positive reviews and negative reviews. Now, a review is not something that is one hundred percent accurate or infallible.

After all, reviews are written by humans and can reflect the biases or inaccuracies that humans are capable of.  Also, sometimes, the reviews can reflect people’s unfortunate tendency to be dishonest.

Recently, on a popular Forex trading review site, a number of polarized reviews of Forex trading strategies were posted.

What struck anyone reading these posted reviews as odd was the very obvious fact that half the reviews were in the range of Five Stars and the other reviews were in the range of Zero Stars. So which one is it? Either one or the other or neither?

That is to say, the reviews have been published with ulterior motives either by those looking to help, harm, or even to do both.

So, how does one know when one is looking at a review of a Forex trading strategy that is a valid review or even a series of valid reviews?

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. While none of these observations present any absolute or hard and fast rules, they do provide somewhat of a conservative basis for the understanding and acceptance of the information and opinions provided in a variety of review sources.

First, one needs to look and see how many reviews were published and in what time frame. If there have been many reviews posted over an extended period of time and they are all either positive or negative, then the reviews are probably a valid indication of what the worth of the strategy is.

If, however, the reviews range all across the board, then one simply needs to take a closer look at all the reviews and try to decide if the particular strategy picks one’s specific goals.

If the reviews have not been written over an extended period of time, but appear to have been written in a very narrow time frame and are all either glowing or negative, then the quality of the reviews may very well be suspect. Or, more accurately, the integrity of the reviews will come into question.

If there are only one or two reviews present, that may not be an accurate indication of quality as they end up being only one person’s opinion as opposed to a consensus.

Take reviews with a grain of salt, but be sure to read them regularly. At the very least, these reviews may end up helping an individual familiarize oneself with the world of Forex trading.

This, in turn, will help someone understand what comprises a proper Forex strategy so as to then further understand when a review is accurate or not.

While this sounds a bit complicated, it really isn’t. It is simply an investment of time so as to ensure accuracy when one comes across it.