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About Scrapbooking Hobbies And Crafts

It is easy to believe that scrapbooking is one of the most popular hobbies for woman today. It is apparent when you note the different stores where scrapbooking supplies are now available.

In the past, you could only find scrapbooking materials in craft and hobby shops or stores dedicated to scrapbooking and other paper crafts.

Now, you will find in the big nationwide chain discount stores have several aisles dedicated solely to the hobby. Even some grocery stores and drug stores carry a few scrapbooking items now.

Unfortunately, some misconceptions remain about scrapbooking that seem like barriers for those wanting to enter the wonderful world of scrapbooking.

Some have inaccurate ideas that prohibit them from preserving their cherished photos and memories in a creative and fun way.

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The first misconception is that scrapbooking is just too expensive. Sure, you can break the bank if you go out and buy every cool embellishment and tool out there, but it’s not necessary.

A great scrapbooking supply to start with is paper. There is a huge assortment of paper available in many different sizes.

While some of the patterned paper costs 25 cents or less economy packs of various colors can be found very inexpensively.

You can use a pair of decorative edged scissors to give your paper even more interest. Stickers are another great and inexpensive way to add interest to your pages.

Take advantage of “crops” which are scrapbooking socials. It is a great place to go to meet other scrapbookers, get ideas and use the different die cutting machine or other tools that are usually available.

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This is an excellent way to figure out which tools you like and might consider buying in the future.

A second misconception is that the scrapbooking hobby is solely for the artistically inclined. It is very easy to find complete page kits that contain stickers, titles and embellishments.

It is simple enough to just adhere them to the paper and add your photos. Digital scrapbooking could be an option for you if you feel comfortable with the computer.

It’s as easy as uploading your digital photos, cropping and adding digital embellishments with scrapbooking software then printing it out.

The computer is also a great way to add titles and journal boxes to your scrapbook pages, especially if you think your handwriting is not the best.

Some people new to the hobby think that scrapbooking takes too much time. You aren’t creating works of art for a museum.

Scrapbooking is about capturing a moment and feeling in time. You can often find inspiration from other scrapbookers, scrapbooking magazines or websites.

Organization is a very important key to successful scrapbooking. Having your pictures and supplies organized will definitely make the hobby more enjoyable.

Do not limit yourself with scrapbooking in chronological order. If you are bored with any set of photos in particular, set them aside and choose something you are excited about working with. Save the other photos for a time when you are inspired to work with them.

Scrapbooking is not about being perfect or creating mini masterpieces on every page. Have fun remembering all the special times in your life as you create memory books that provide a lifetime of warm memories for you and your friends and family.

Scrapbooking can be really fun and rewarding. Give it a try and you will see what all the excitement is all about.

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