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Adult Selfishness Reflected In Children

A report from the Good Childhood Inquiry attested that British children are suffering from adult selfishness and their negative principles.

It has been proven that children nowadays suffer more from anxiety and nervous problems than those of preceding generations. This seems to be caused by unstable principles within the family.

If society does nothing to inverse the tendency in order to protect children, this will lead to unhappy and apprehensive children who will grow into unstable adults. 

The main cause of discontent in children is family separations, which seem to be on the rise.

Children from these types of families are more likely to have problems at school, interact badly in the children’s social sphere, and have general problems in their conduct, which can lead to dejection.

Others contest this statement, deeming it biased, for single parents are not necessarily worse than two-parent families as far as the education of their children is concerned. 

The important issue in the upbringing of children is the quality of their family education, which seems to be neglected nowadays. Values must be reintegrated into our society in order to avoid harming the next generation of adults.

Other sources state, that children are not respecting their growth rates of normal childhood; they are encouraged to grow up too rapidly and without moral values.

Nevertheless, parents cannot be solely blamed, our society and the revolution of the Internet system are in parts responsible for the children’s attitude and mood.

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